Shadow The Hedgehog Voice Actor Asked Got Asked For His Take After Keanu Reeves ‘Stole’ The Role For Sonic 3

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While there have been plenty of poor film adaptations of video games in the past, that’s changed. Over the past few years some of the best video game movies hit theaters, including the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise (which can be streamed with a Paramount+ subscription). As a result, one of the most anticipated upcoming video game movies is Sonic 3, which will bring the villainous Shadow the Hedgehog into the fold. It was recently reported that Keanu Reeves is reportedly voicing Shadow, and the voice actor who played him in the games shared his take on this casting, and having the role “stolen” by Neo himself.

What we know about Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is limited, but fans of the games are excited for Shadow to be brought to the narrative. Reeves possibly joining the cast will no doubt turn heads, even if it means that he’ll sound different in the forthcoming blockbuster. Voice actor Jason Griffith was asked by TMZ about Keanu “stealing” his gig, but he had a different take on the casting. In his words:

You know, Shadow is now being voiced by Ted Theodore Logan, John Wick, and Neo. So I think that’s pretty good company to keep. I think it’s an excellent casting choice myself. In fact, when there were rumors about Keanu and several other actors and people would ask me who did I think it would be if it weren’t me. I said ‘I hope it’s Keanu.’ I think just his natural speaking voice lends itself to Shadow so well that it’s a great choice.

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