Alien: Romulus Star Claims the New Film Checks All Fan Boxes. Why That Scares Me More Than A Facehugger

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The line between homage and pandering can often become blurred, and the upcoming Alien: Romulus has stirred up a simmering pot of expectations and reservations among the Alien Saga’s fanbase and myself. Cailee Spaeny, leading the cast of this newest installment, has confidently stated that the film will “check all the fan boxes.” While this promise is tantalizing, it raises the alarm in my xenomorph-lovin’ noggin—could Romulus fall into the same trap as its predecessor, Alien: Covenant, by focusing too much on fan service at the expense of genuine storytelling?

By my estimation, the alien movies together compile one of the best horror movie franchises. Much like Pizza, even a bad Alien movie is still pretty good–looking at you, Alien Resurrection. Spaeny’s recent comments to CinePOP are both reassuring and slightly concerning. She told the outlet:

I don’t think I can say much, but I already delivered something, so I’ll just repeat it. It takes place between Alien and Aliens, in terms of plot and chronology. But we have an incredible cast, some new faces. The Facehuggers are there. You will get everything you want from the film. Fede Alvarez is an incredible director who has so much respect for this franchise and this world. He knows everything about the Alien franchise like the back of his hand. All Alien fans will have everything they want.

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