Quentin Tarantino’s 10th Movie Is Wide Open Again, But I Don’t Think He Should Do That R-Rated Star Trek Film

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In the latest shocking news in movies, Quentin Tarantino decided he won’t be doing The Movie Critic as his final movie after all. It seems the field is now wide open as to what he might do next, including his previously-buzzed Star Trek movie that was discussed years ago. While CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell and others were thrilled at the thought of it possibly happening, this resident Star Trek fan is not.

We have no idea what Tarantino will do next, but I can most assuredly say I feel like a collaboration with Star Trek is the wrong move. I say this as a fan of both the franchise and the filmmaker: this is like oil and water in that they don’t mix, and I think trying to force a hard R-rated Star Trek via his vision, as awesome as many think that sounds, will only end in disappointment for the following reasons.

The Things Quentin Tarantino Is Most Celebrated For Are Discouraged In Star Trek

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