Civil War Ending Explained: The Shocking Moments That Concluded Alex Garland’s War Story And How They May Spark Debate Among Moviegoers

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Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS for Alex Garland’s Civil War are in play. It doesn’t matter what type of American you are, but there are some pretty revealing details ahead.

Some pictures are just made to spark conversation, and writer/director Alex Garland’s Civil War absolutely fits that bill. The 2024 movie is the latest from the man who gave us equally debatable conclusions through the ending to Ex Machina and Annihilation, as well as 28 Days Later’s various endings.

However, the discussion that this Kirsten Dunst-led ensemble thriller is bound to ignite isn’t a case of figuring out what happened, but rather over how to interpret two huge events that transpire. If you’d like to read more about the film in a spoiler-free context, you can check out our Civil War review. Otherwise, it’s time to embed ourselves with the Western Forces, and dig deep into what happened and why it matters.

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Civil War’s Shocking 1, 2 Punch Finale

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