Godzilla x Kong Director Name Drops Barbenheimer About Godzilla’s New Pink Look

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After the blockbuster success of Godzilla vs. Kong in 2021, a sequel seemed like a no-brainer, and a follow-up movie was officially confirmed in 2022. Now, the 2024 movie schedule‘s Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, has already exceeded box office and audience expectations in its opening weekend. Part of that success may be attributed to the new elements added to the movie, like Godzilla honing the power of pink. And, based on what director Adam Wingard had to say it and Barbenheimer, that actually is not totally far off. 

Historically, while there haven’t been many changes to Godzilla’s gray and black reptilian appearance, there have been some variations in colors and strength with his atomic breath superpower. So, the new neon pink, highly-destructive breath and back spikes are totally new for audiences. According to Wingard, not only is Godzilla a trendsetter but the change represents the same strength that the cultural phenomenon Barbenheimer created. Here’s what he told Comic Book:

It’s one of those things where when we made the movie, Oppenheimer didn’t exist and Barbie didn’t exist, and the whole concept of Barbenheimer didn’t exist. But somehow we created something that was almost like the physical embodiment of Barbenheimer with Godzilla being pink. And that was just one of those things where I think we just kind of synced up culturally. Maybe we’re all sipping on the same subconscious Kool-Aid or whatever.

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