Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 3 Review: Walk on the Ocean

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Things are messy with a capital “M” at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Turmoil abounds as relationships have splintered, secrecy looms, and trouble is right around the corner on Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 3.

Let the record show that presently, a girl wants to wrap Yasuda and Levi up in a blanket and hold them because they had a tough installment.

So did Teddy, but she mainly seemed okay with it all, even though she faceplanted on a treadmill like Maya Bishop.

Seriously, what is up with the Grey’s Universe and treadmills? In conclusion, exercising is the worst.

Meredith was back for this installment, but if it was one time when her presence seemed a bit off and unnecessary, it was this one.

It felt like the scenes she appeared in could’ve gotten put into a much bigger episode that pushed the Alzheimers plot and her penchant for going rogue to the forefront.

That said, it was nice to see her and Teddy Altman bonding. It’s easy to forget that they formed a decent friendship not that long ago before Mer skipped town.

Even so, how they talked like they were old and best friends was a bit unusual, but we’ll roll with it.

It doesn’t seem as if they know what to do with Teddy, and she also expresses that sentiment as she’s climbing out of her skin trying to go to PT and focus on her health rather than running the hospital.

But she came in clutch for the funding for Mer’s Alzheimer’s study, which she intends to do behind Catherine’s back.

Amelia: I’m the Chief of Neurosurgery
Beltran: Good for you.

Mer can’t NOT be a rogue, and since they always prove her right in the end, it’s no surprise that the plan right now is that their research will be so damn great that when Catherine finds out about it, she’ll feel compelled to accept it and ignore all the deception and subterfuge.

Has Meredith met Catherine Fox?

Her sneaking around had its amusing points, and at least with this study, she was giving Amelia something substantial to do.

Of course, Amelia could also do Beltran. They would have some of the hottest hate sex if either of them were into that sort of thing, which, maybe, they are.

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I cannot believe that so much tension resulted from a parking space fiasco, but as much as I wanted to loathe how petty both women were about this, I couldn’t. I’m not above being petty sometimes.

If we must talk about Parking Space Gate, in Amelia’s defense, even with Beltran sitting there with her indicator on, she was texting on her phone. It’s a freaking hospital. Emergencies are abound.

Amelia wasn’t wrong for pulling into the spot. Beltran could’ve pulled in and finished her text once she was there.

But that pettiness built between them the entire hour, and as much as Amelia kept thinking they were beyond this beef they had, Beltran wasn’t having any of it.

Jules: I don’t have that much tension with my roommate.
Simone: Your roommate is 100.
Jules: Maxine is a young 82.

On that note, it makes their interactions interesting. Amelia has become the woman with a cat and no life because she would rather pour all her love and abandonment issues into a feline than another person.

And you know what? That’s totally fair and maybe even healthier. There’s no codependency like that between a keeper and their pet.

But we know they wouldn’t give us all this Amelia/Beltran action if they weren’t going to do something huge with it, so we shall see.

Interestingly, Webber told Amelia that Beltran reminds him of Amelia. Their similarities are likely why they clash so much already.

Poor Kwan was stuck in the middle of all that tension. But despite their personalities, they are both damn great doctors and good at what they do.

Together, they pulled off an incredible feat. And I’m excited about the prospect of them working together and whatever else may arise.

Of course, we may see a lot of Levi with Beltran since he’s finally pulling the trigger to go into Peds. It suits him, and he’s well past the time of finding a purpose. Jo has, after all.

It only took seeing Nico again to kick him into overdrive. It’s what happens when you bump into an ex, and they have their whole life together, and nothing has gone well for you in that time.

But frankly, Levi shouldn’t worry because it’s strange that Nico jumped into a relationship with this new guy, all gas, with no brakes, and now they’re living together and having a child within a few months.

Nico seemed to be trying to convince himself about how great this whole thing was as much as Levi. But boy, did he lob some terrible things at him.

He never told his new boyfriend about Levi at all, which is weird considering he and Levi were in a long-term relationship and likely one of the first ones Nico had while still coming to grips with being out, loud, and proud.

Nico’s return was weird, and it wasn’t until we saw him again that it hit me that I didn’t miss him in the least.

The thought of not having him in my life. I never met anyone in my life like him. He sees light in everything and these days, no one else does, you know?


On the bitter train, we had Winston, and my heart hurts for this man and Maggie’s situation. Their marriage should’ve been over, rather than having this huge question mark over it.

Maggie is in Chicago, happy and thriving. She’s living her best life, which doesn’t include Winston. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s time for them to let it go.

Winston let his anger seep through the entire time he saved that man in that godawful contraption. And his outburst toward him was out of line.

Winston didn’t use to be this angry, so it would be nice if he centers himself again and lets Maggie go.

As wild as it is that Owen Hunt, of all people, was giving him advice, what he said made sense.

The intern drama was as messy as it gets, and I’d like to speak to the manager about whatever the heck it is that they’re doing with Lucas.

He was peak asshole during this installment, and it’s like he doesn’t even realize how much he’s sabotaging himself and his relationships with people who seem to care about him.

Mika and Lucas were the most overt case of best friends we had among the interns, and it sucked how terribly he was treating her.

He’s in his feelings about Simone and self-sabotaging himself, pushing everyone else away in the process. He’s his aunt’s nephew, that’s for sure.

You want to win? Get in the game.


But it was horrible how many licks Yasuda had to take in this installment. It’s where she always ends up, which is wild, considering she’s probably one of the strongest out of the bunch.

She keeps putting in all the grunt work and being the least problematic, and she catches hell for it no matter what.

She earned the right to perform that emergency procedure with Bailey, not Lucas. And while it may not have made much of a difference in the heat of the moment, he still should’ve spoken up and defended her.

Mika is always there for Lucas, and he’s not extending her the same, which sucks. I understand why she wanted to end their friendship.

She also has every right to be angry at Simone for implying that they all made a mistake and must move past it.

No, they shouldn’t keep browbeating Lucas over this situation because it won’t do any good. But to act as if they all had an equal say in what transpired is just patently false.

Simone seems upset with Lucas and what he told her, too. She has a new do but the same attitude regarding their relationship. But she also can’t help but come to his defense the first chance she gets.

But now that he’s packed his things and left the apartment, I don’t know where things stand between him and the other interns. He’s been spiraling for a while, and my only thought is that maybe he can stay with his aunt and her cat.

Winston: We were supposed to talk about what’s next for us, just like we were supposed to do last week, and the week before. But there’s always a class or paper. At what point do I stop trying?
Owen: I don’t think that’s the question. The better question is, why? Why are you trying?

Amelia would welcome the opportunity to have someone else there so she isn’t always alone or with Scout.

And she and Lucas are so much alike that she can maybe help him with some of his issues.

Over to you, Grey’s Anatomy Fanatics.

Should Winston end things with Maggie? How long before Mer’s plan backfires? What are your thoughts on the intern fiasco? Sound off below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC at 10/9c. You can stream the following day on Hulu.

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