Anne Hathaway Knows She’s Gotten A Lot Of Snark For Her Hollywood Personality, But Says It’s Because She Doesn’t Do Things ‘Half Measure’

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Anne Hathaway has been a star for over twenty years, from the early days of The Princess Diaries to her Oscar winning performance in Les Miserables, to her most recent role in The Idea Of You, a romantic drama that she co-stars in with Nicholas Galitzine. Her star power and range cannot be underestimated, as the actress has seamlessly jumped from genre to genre, exploring different facets of herself as an actress. However, her career hasn’t been without criticism, as there have been periods of heavy critique of her as a Hollywood personality. Luckily Hathaway isn’t backing down and is owning her intense reputation. 

The actress sat down with Vanity Fair ahead of her latest romantic role. Hathaway hasn’t returned to the genre in a while, with her last role within the genre being over 10 years ago in One Day. Despite her transformative ability (and starring mostly in well loved projects) the media has come after her for her presence as a movie star, often criticizing her for being self-serious. This commentary has dissipated over the years, but this kind of noise was ever present in the years following her Oscar win. Key and Peele even did a sketch called “Hatin’ on the Hathaways” where they pushed back against this narrative. When asked about this reputation, Hathaway didn’t shy away from being called intense, saying:

I’m an intense person. You can tell from that story I don’t do things by half measure. When I love something, I imagine myself doing it to the hilt.

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