32 Major Movie Mistakes We’re Still Thinking About Years Later

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Mistakes happen. We’re all human, including the most talented people in Hollywood, and we all make them. Given how huge some productions are, and the coordination it takes to make a big Hollywood movie, it’s actually amazing more mistakes don’t happen. When they do sneak through into a final product, you can be sure people will talk about them, so here are some of the errors we’re still thinking about, even years later. 

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Pretty Woman’s Ever Changing Breakfast

One of the most famous continuity errors in Hollywood history has to be the now-infamous breakfast scene in Pretty Woman. When Vivian (Julia Roberts) sits down for breakfast, she picks up a croissant and starts to eat it. A couple of seconds later, the scene cuts back to her and she takes a bite of a…pancake. Then after another cut, she takes the same bit of a clearly different pancake. 

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