Someone Had Fans Thinking Ryan Reynolds Died, And Of Course, The Deadpool Star Responded In The Best Way

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From 2020, when Tim Allen had to respond to people thinking he was dead, to when the internet thought Henry Cavill had perished, nothing quite grabs the internet’s collective attention than a celebrity death hoax. The latest A-lister to get the death hoax treatment was none other than the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine star Ryan Reynolds. Then, following a viral post that scared some fans, the Marvel alum had the perfect response which was oh-so Reynolds. 

Last Friday, a post by @LHibou8 on X (formerly known as Twitter) quickly went viral, amassing 52,000 likes and 3,700 retweets. It featured a black and white photo of Ryan Reynolds with a caption that, at first glance, could shockingly suggest the actor had passed away. The caption, hilariously delivered, read:

Ryan Reynolds, legendary actor, aged 47 has been found in his bed this morning, sleeping peacefully.

Not to be outdone, the Just Friends actor joined in on the fun, offering a response in his signature smart-ass style. Ryan wrote:

The rumours of my being alive have been greatly exaggerated.

This back-and-forth is a prime example of the Free Guy star’s great sense of humor, and his ability to give a great spin on some seemingly “bad” news. 

Fans and fellow users on X responded with various emotions, from initial shock to relief and even laughter once they realized what the post actually said. Notably, @GailSimone, a celebrated writer in comics and animation, as well as a consultant and producer, shared feelings that echoed across the platform, capturing a common reaction through her tweet:


Meanwhile, @maxloveswaza found humor in the situation. Directing at the OG post, they commented: 

HOLY SHIT @LHibou8 😂

Content creator @OfficialMrDude highlighted the moment’s initial scare. Posting:

This scared the crap outta me! I’m glad you’re struggling thru adulthood like the rest of us friend!

And @joem_Philly, is all of us Reynolds fans, touching on the emotional impact the news could have had if the Tweet would have been written slightly differently. They said:

I would have been devastated.

Me too, @joem_Philly. Me too.

Luckily for us fans as well as his family and friends, Ryan is in good health, and his sense of humor remains intact despite being found in his home sleeping peacefully. Thank God, because those of us excited for upcoming Marvel movies cannot fathom a world without the Merc with the Mouth performer–especially following Deadpool 3’s killer introduction to the MCU in the Super Bowl teaser trailer. 

Under the direction of Shawn Levy, who has collaborated with Ryan Reynolds on hits like Free Guy and The Adam Project, the third installment of the Deadpool series marks a noteworthy reunion. 

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will also unite again, aiming to make up for their less-than-stellar joint appearance in X-Men Origins. Despite announcing Logan in 2017 as his final portrayal of Wolverine, Jackman couldn’t resist the chance to join forces with Deadpool for a cinematic adventure. This return brings Jackman’s beloved Canadian mutant back to the screen and has him finally donning the iconic yellow and blue Wolverine suit. Though the teaser gives us just a glimpse of Jackman in costume, it’s packed with plenty of other intriguing content for the audience to get excited about.

The very much alive Ryan Reynolds can be seen alongside his frenemy Hugh Jackmen in Deadpool & Wolverine when it hits the 2024 movie schedule on July 26.

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