Mark Wahlberg Goes Shirtless For 4AM Workout, And He’s Looking Swole AF

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With two titles on the 2024 movie schedule, and a hit flick closing out his 2023 on Apple TV+, Mark Wahlberg’s career is looking good. That totally matches the man himself, as The Family Plan star has been keeping up with what looks like an insane gym routine. Sharing that dedication with the world through a short clip of how he’s been keeping fit, Wahlberg looks swole AF during his 4 AM shenanigans.  

Honestly, I’m not all that surprised to see this Instagram video showcasing Mark Wahlberg putting himself through the paces. He is, after all, a Hollywood star who started as a model, so Mark’s pride in keeping in shape has been present from day one. That being said, take a look at the man making it all happen in the gym and try not to think about how you’re most likely still sleeping at this time of morning: 

Seriously, it’s 4 AM in this footage, and The Italian Job leading man is going to town on that gym equipment as if he’s preparing to steal three Mini Coopers worth of gold bars. Though judging by those muscles his trainer enthusiastically points out with expertise, it probably wouldn’t be hard for him to lift the loot and stash it somewhere safe. Hey Paramount, have you ever thought about resurrecting the planned Italian Job sequel that never got off the ground? 

If that call ever came in, you could bet that Mark Wahlberg would be physically ready to do it. The man has even shown similar dedication in gaining weight, as when I interviewed Mark about Father Stu’s radical transformation, he shared the healthy but “disgusting” way that he made that possible. Of course, the man’s been back to fighting shape for some time now, with the results fully on display above. 

Taking all of this in, I can’t help but think back to Mark Wahlberg’s thoughts on grandfather roles, and how he’s excited to jump into them. That’s definitely a healthy attitude to keep in mind, but you have to admit, that’s going to be one jacked up grandpa movie he’s probably going to have in the future. 

Maybe he can get Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson to team up with him, and they can do the ultimate action/comedy that shows age doesn’t matter…so long as muscle mass and quick thinking are still on the table. Or we can just circle back to making The Brazilian Job happen over 20 years later. Just politely putting that out there.

Don’t let the physique fool you, as Mark Wahlberg has still taken time to appeal to the softer side of the world’s hearts. We’ll see that in action soon enough, as his next film Arthur the King will test out his endurance and his dog skills, when it opens on March 15th. Plus, don’t forget that we’re getting a Mark Wahlberg/Halle Berry Netflix movie this summer in The Union, which will debut on August 16th. 

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