AMC Theatres Enters “Phase 2” Of Nicole Kidman Preshow Campaign With Trio Of New Spots

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AMC Entertainment’s much talked about preshow commercial starring an earnest Nicole Kidman in a glittery pantsuit will have three new iterations, CEO Adam Aron said today, as the exhibitor plans to start rotating a trio of 30-second spots in theaters nationwide on March 1.  

That campaign “took on like a cult-like nature, and became part of the American zeitgeist,” Aron said on a call after quarterly earnings. He’s not wrong, it was even spoofed on SNL.

“For the first time in four years, starting in a couple of days, we are putting up a new preshow on the screen [and] we’re moving into phase two of the Nicole Kidman campaign. For the last three years, we’ve got a 60-second commercial, the same one, that’s appeared over and over, before every movie starts”.

So, moving on from “We come to this place for magic,” starting March 1, AMC is “going to show three different 30-second Nicole Kidman commercials before the movie starts, on a rotating basis.” He didn’t divulge details.

“You won’t get like three in a row when you go to watch one movie. But as you watch movies going forward, you will see three different Nicole spots that will kind of randomly appear in our theaters prior to the show.”

“We use that for the benefit of driving revenues” – which was up last year and quarter.

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