Will Smith Offers Exciting Bad Boys 4 Update

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The Bad Boys franchise was so widely loved that that calls for sequels persisted nearly two decades after its 2003 sequel. The long wait paid off for fan, as the elusive threequel, Bad Boys for Life, finally released in 2020 and became a box office hit. And, soon after, it was revealed that there were plans for Bad Boys 4. Fans are still waiting for that fourth movie, and details on it are slim right now. But they’ll surely be happy to hear an update from Will Smith, who has announced that filming should be concluded in just over a week.

Will Smith took to Instagram to announce that the upcoming action movie, which is currently in production, has about eight days left of filming in Miami. From there, it’ll move into post-production. The Bad Boys 4 release date is currently set for later this year, so this is a big step forward for the blockbuster ahead of that. Based on the responses to the post, a lot of people weren’t even aware the movie was happening so, if this is news to you and you’re a big fan, congratulations. Check out what Smith had to share:

The actor even jokes that he hurt himself in the video. The fact that he and Martin Lawrence are significantly older now than they were while making the first two films played into the third film. Now, it seems likely that will be the case with this upcoming installment as well.

Right now, we know that Bad Boys 4 has a release date of June 7 on the 2024 movie schedule, which is only going to give the movie about three months of post-production time. However, one assumes that since the franchise utilizes a lot of practical effects, there isn’t a great deal of post-production CGI work that will need to be done compared to some other major films. As such, it’s certainly possible that the Paramount Pictures flick will be ready to go by June.

BB for Life crushed at the box office and has the somewhat dubious distinction of being the highest-grossing movie of 2020. The film was released in January, just a week before theaters shut down due to the global pandemic. To be sure, the film’s box office intake was definitely significant and more than enough to warrant a follow-up. Though it’s unlikely it would have been at the top of the heap under normal circumstances. 

While specific plot details are still being kept under wraps, Bad Boys For Life‘s ending perfectly set up the sequel, and let’s just say, it could feature an uneasy truce. It’s been a bit of a wait for a movie that did so well at the box office, it’ll hopefully all be worth it.

The biggest question now revolves around the film’s name. Unfortunately, Bad Boys 4 Life won’t work, but it’s been said that Ride or Die may be the actual title, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Regardless of that though, it’s just great to hear that filming is nearly completed and that progress is being made. While you wait for the film to drop, stream the first two installments using a Prime Video subscription.

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