MISATO featuring BANTUNANI: Young And Free (A disco life) – NEW SINGLE

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English and French // Young And Free is the first uptempo electro-disco single from Bantunani children’s trio Misato, which means three in Lingala (DRC) and beautiful village in Japanese.
Power Ace Radio, Uk : Nice, groovy track with a smooth rythmic backing track.
Again this shows the volatility as a multi-genre artist.
Young And Free (A Disco Life)” is more than just a groovy track – it’s a testament to the boundless creativity of its artist. It’s a reminder that music can take you on a journey, not just through sound but through time and emotion. So, don your dancing shoes and let this track carry you away on a disco-infused adventure that celebrates the freedom and joy of music

This song is part of a big project called ‘Family Affair’ which includes Bantunani’s new album “Anthropic” and Misato’s debut album “Disconnect” which will be released on October 28. With this simultaneous release of Bantunani and Misato, Young Blood and Young And Free, Bantunani and Misato offer us a beautiful generational dialogue on life, a cross look at afrofunk. Young And Free by Misato which throbs with youth and freedom to which Bantunani’s “YoungBlood” responds in which he explores through an astonishing trip-hop reggae gospel track, the melancholy of experience, the voice of the nostalgic Father.

Un morceau sympa et groovy avec un accompagnement rythmique fluide.
Encore une fois, cela montre la volatilité en tant qu’artiste multi-genre.
Young And Free (A Disco Life)” est plus qu’un simple morceau groovy : c’est un témoignage de la créativité sans limites de son artiste. C’est un rappel que la musique peut vous faire voyager, non seulement à travers le son mais aussi à travers le temps et l’émotion. Alors, enfilez vos chaussures de danse et laissez ce morceau vous emporter dans une aventure disco qui célèbre la liberté et la joie de la musique.

Young And Free est le premier single électro-disco uptempo du trio d’enfants de Bantunani, Misato, qui signifie trois en lingala (RDC) et beau village en japonais. Cette chanson fait partie d’un grand projet appelé ‘Family Affair’ qui comprend le nouvel album de Bantunani “Anthropic” et le premier album de Misato “Disconnect” qui sortiront le 28 octobre. Avec cette sortie simultanée de Bantunani et Misato, Young Blood et Young And Free, Bantunani et Misato nous offre un beau dialogue générationnel sur la vie., un regard croisé sur l’afrofunk. Young And Free de Misato qui palpite de jeunesse et de liberté auquel répond “YoungBlood” de Bantunani dans lequel il explore à travers un étonnant titre trip-hop reggae gospel, la mélancolie de l’expérience, la voix du Père nostalgique.

“Young and Free” by Misato complements “Young Blood” by Bantunani, offering another perspective on youth, a conversation between the father’s voice and that of the children. Presented with a catchy music video in vibrant colors, “Young and Free” is an anthem to dance and lightness. It’s a powerful and skillful blend of disco, funk, and afrobeats. When listening to it, one might believe to sense the influences of the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, or even Daft Punk. “Young and Free” is an explosion of colors and energy.

The irresistible and colorful enchantment of “Young and Free” elegantly reveals that the members of Misato haven’t merely studied Chopin’s compositions. Profound influences from the Bee Gees, the majestic harmonies of Stevie Wonder, and the iconic dance moves of Michael Jackson infuse this track with contagious energy.

YOUNG AND FREE by MISATO feat. Bantunani
Written, composed by Michel Nzau, Terence Nzau, Matteo Nzau and Maria Nzau
produced by Michel Nzau VUANDA for BLACKNINJA.

Credits :
Live Drums : Johnny Pululu
Programming Drums : Michel Nzau, Terence Nzau, Johnny Pululu
Percussions: Johnny Pululu, Michel Nzau, Terence Nzau
Bass : Christian Kideda and Terence Nzau
Piano : Matteo Nzau, Terence Nzau
Strings : Maria Nzau and Matteo Nzau
Guitars : Kideda Christian, Terence Nzau
Lead vocals : Terence Nzau, Matteo Nzau and Maria Nzau
Background vocals : Maria Nzau, Terence Nzau, Matteo Nzau and Bantunani
Arrangments : Michel Nzau, Terence Nzau, Matteo Nzau
Recorded at Blackninja Studio (Paris, Orléans, Biarritz, Malaga and Bruxelles)
Mixers : Matteo Nzau; Sefi Carmel
Master : Sefi Carmel
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