Shrek Terrorizes Rave In Viral TikToks, And I Just Know Some People Were Freaking Out

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Shrek, one of Dreamworks Animations’ best films, is about a green ogre who makes a deal with Lord Farquaad to rescue a princess in order to salvage control of his swamp overrun by fairy tale creatures. Believe it or not, while Shrek is obviously a cultural phonemon, the lovable ogre is also a hit with the partying crowd. Viral TikToks captured visuals of the ogre at a rave, and I know some people are freaked out by this.

One of the reasons why Shrek is one of the best classic family films is because it shows the importance of getting to know someone for their truest self while also having jokes for both kids and adults. In the case of Shrek Raves, however, the swamp owner appears to be pretty terrifying as viral TikToks show the chilling effect he has on the partying crowd. Take a look at this TikTok below of haunting yet brilliant Shrek visuals.

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With EDM music playing in the background by Canadian DJ Excision, you can see a crowd of partygoers at a rave dancing to the beat. In front of them is Shrek initially dancing with the crowd, and eventually he pops out of the screen ferociously in 3D fashion. I wouldn’t exactly call this an ogre you’d introduce your kids to as the realistic effects showed the green fairytale creature throwing up and fire-breathing onto the crowd. Then that Shrek gets eaten by a bigger Shrek munching away at the audience. 

Watching this video reminds me so much of the 4D Shrek attraction in Universal Orlando that closed its doors in 2017. Characters popped out of the screen with heat you could feel from the fire-breathing dragon, and water sprayed on your face from Donkey’s sneeze. From the looks of this party, TikTok users got a real thrill from these visuals and were a bit scared. Take a look at the most popular comments from the video down below:

  • “This would send me in a psychotic state”
  • “i would’ve busted out laughingggg omg😭😭😭😭”
  • “I would cry”
  • “this would actually give me a heart attack of amazement”
  • “am I the only one who would’ve been sobbing on the floor 😭”

These high-energy raves that include the fantastic 2000s family film have been a trend since earlier this month. According to KnowYourMeme, DJ Excision threw a concert called The Thunderdome in Tacoma, Washington between February 2 the 4. On February 4, a partygoer who was at The Thunderdome shared three videos of the unbelievable visuals from that night, achieving 14,000 likes in two days. 

More videos from different users surfaced on TikTok and each grew to viral levels. Then, users posted videos of themselves either imitating the crowd at the rave or imitating the bizarre visuals that were on screen. Whether you attended a Shrek rave or saw them from the view of your phone, people were very entertained with what they saw (and freaked out).

With Shrek’s 3D visuals of him screaming and throwing up at raves being a viral sensation, audiences couldn’t help but be entertained by the spectacle and a bit freaked out by them. If you’re in the mood to see a less-scary version of your favorite ogre, Shrek is available to watch with a Peacock subscription. You can also take a look at our 2024 movie releases so you don’t miss out on the latest DreamWorks Animation productions.

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