Moana 2’s Auli’i Cravalho Addresses Surprise Return To Disney Franchise With Hilarious Video

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While The House ofMouse is a massive company, it’s perhaps most synonymous with Disney’s acclaimed animated blockbusters. One modern classic that arrived a few years ago is Moana, which has since been brought to the theme parks. While fans thought Moana was getting a TV series, the studio shocked audiences by revealing a full theatrical sequel was arriving later this year. Auli’i Cravalho will be back voicing the title role, and addressed her surprise return to the Disney franchise with a hilarious video.

The Moana 2 announcement blew the minds of moviegoers, especially since it’s being released so soon. The original movie is streaming with a Disney+ subscription, and smart money says plenty of fans will be re-watching before the sequel arrives. Cravalho posted on Instagram shortly after, poking fun at how many people she had to lie to ahead of the announcement. Check it out below: 

How fun is that? While Marvel is known for its tight security, the larger Disney studio also had some tricks up its sleeve. And while Auli’i Cravalho has seemingly already recorded her role in Moana 2, she had to keep that project on the DL with her friends and family. I assume some folks were ticked off at being left out of this exciting career development.

The Moana 2 news is doubly surprising because Cravalho stepped down from the role of Moana for the announced live-action adaptation. But she’ll still be the voice behind the Disney Princess when the sequel hits theaters in November of this year. And I seriously can’t wait. 

Given how long Disney’s animated blockbusters typically take to be recorded and produces, I assume Auli’i Cravalho has been keeping the secrets of Moana 2 for a very long time. That includes throughout her recent press tour for the Mean Girls movie, where she played Janice. Given how well she guarded the studio’s secrets, I think we need to get her into a Marvel project ASAP. Because she’s seemingly not going to pull a Tom Holland and spoil anything.

The news of Moana 2 is definitely thrilling for the many fans of the original, but I’m a bit confused about the Disney’s plans for the franchise as a whole. Does this mean that the TV series is still happening, or did the sequel replace those plans? I also assume that the live-action Moana is till in the works, since Dwayne Johnson confirmed his involvement a few months ago. Hopefully Disney reveals its plans sooner rather than later, but it’s clear that Moana as a franchise isn’t going anywhere. 

Moana 2 is expected to hit theaters on November 27, while the original is streaming now on Disney+. While we wait for more information, check the 2024 movie release dates

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