Terrifier 3’s Chris Jericho Provides An Update On The Film, And His Tease Has Me Pumped

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Chris Jericho is a WWE star known for making memorable cameo appearances. In 2021, he showed up in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and he made a remarkable appearance in the closing moments of the 2022 blockbuster extreme horror flick Terrifier 2. The AEW Rampage star is set to return in the upcoming horror movie follow-up, Terrifer 3, and he just provided an update. Let me tell you, his tease has me even more pumped for the flick. 

In conversation with MovieWeb about his documentary The Death Tour, which debuted at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, the conversation soon turned to Jericho’s insights about the next installment of the horror series. Specifically, he talked about how long his encounter with the newest slasher movie icon Art the Clown will be in the threequel. When questioned about his access to the Terrifier 3 script, the wrestler-turned-actor offered his thoughts:

I have seen the script. I have already kind of done the [prep and prosthetics], the filming that they do when they’re taking molds of your face and all this sort of thing. So, suffice to say I don’t have a good, well, I don’t last very long. But it’s gonna be great. If you love Terrifier 2, you’re gonna love Terrifier 3 because it’s even better, it ups the ante even more.

Knowing the WWE Superstars performer’s character isn’t around long for the world of Terrifier should come as no surprise to anyone remotely familiar with the franchise. While it may not be one of the best horror movies ever, Terrifier has become a horror cult phenomenon known chiefly for its gruesome kills. We should probably expect a bloody end for his character based on Chris’s tease. 

In 2016, the OG flick was released, telling the story of Tara Heyes (played by Jenna Kanell) and her sister Victoria (Samantha Scaffidi), who are targeted by one of the best cinematic creepy clowns (David Howard Thornton) on Halloween. The sequel expands on the story with new lore and features the return of Art the Clown. In the sequel, Art is after Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) and her younger brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam) on Halloween.

Chris Jericho, who played the role of Burke, a psychiatric hospital worker, is unlikely to survive until the end of the upcoming Terrifier 3. The series is known for its over-the-top deaths that have made fans vomit in movie theaters. Fans can expect a particularly graphic exit for the Country Hearts actor’s character, hinted at by his mention of elaborate preparation, prosthetics, and molds.

In Damien Leone’s third entry of his acclaimed horror series, Art returns to wreak havoc in Miles County on a tranquil Christmas Eve. Leone, both the writer and director, hints at an extension of the supernatural elements and a startling conclusion following the events of Terrifier 2–which is good news because the second movie’s ending left me with many questions. 

Unfortunately, I must wait until nearly the end of the 2024 movie schedule to see how Chris Jericho’s Burke meets his grizzly demise. But, based on the Holly Jolly Terrifier 3 teaser, when October 25th rolls around, it will be well worth the wait.

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