Jon Landau Just Debunked The Rumored Title For Avatar 3, And Thank Goodness

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Avatar 3 is still more than two years away, and while we do know a bit about the film, as far as where on Pandora it will be set, and a few of the new actors joining the Avatar 3 cast, we don’t know what the movie will actually be called. The third Avatar movie doesn’t have an official title, and the one title that had been previously rumored has now been unequivocally shot down, which is probably a good thing.

A few years back a list of titles for all the Avatar sequels got leaked, and James Cameron eventually confirmed they were real titles that were being considered for the films, though none, at the time, had been decided on. The rumored title for Avatar 2 had been The Way of Water, the title we eventually got, but apparently that won’t be the case for the next movie as franchise producer Jon Landau recently told that Avatar 3 will not be called The Seed Bearer. He explained… 

I’m qualified to tell you that that is not the title for Avatar 3. That’s what my Wikipedia page says? That is getting changed tonight!

When we learned that Avatar 2 would be called The Way of Water, just like the previous rumor had said, it made the rest of the suggested titles that much more likely. I even wrote an entire piece that attempted to glean what the rest of the Avatar movies would be about, based on what happened in Avatar 2 and what those titles were. But The Seed Bearer was always the oddest of the titles, so it’s maybe not a surprise that they decided against this one.

While the movie won’t use that title, it’s probably still a title that would make sense if they were to use it. It’s unlikely the movie has gone through any sort of changes that would make the title irrelevant. Whether this means Avatar 3 has an official title, or just that Landau and James Cameron have decided they don’t like The Seed Bearer, is unclear.

At this point the Avatar 3 details that we have indicate the story will shift from the oceans of Pandora to the volcanic mountains. We’ll meet the Na’vi that call that area home. While The Way of Water made a lot of sense considering where the movie was set, The Seed Bearer doesn’t give us that same information, at least not with the information we have. 

For the record, Jon Landau’s Wikipedia page has yet to be changed, and it does still list him as a producer of a movie called Avatar: The Seed Bearer, though the link just takes you to the Avatar 3 page, without any official subtitle. It seems that should be changed, however. Because whatever the movie will be called, it apparently won’t be titled that.

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