‘I’ve Been A Miserable F–k For Many Years’: Jackass’ Bam Margera Reflects On His Health Struggles And More In Candid Post

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MTV’s Jackass debuted back in 2000, so the motley crew of stunt men and pranksters have been in the public eye for decades. Chief among them is skateboarder/ TV personality Bam Margera, who has been struggling recently related to his sobriety and some legal shakeups. He recently reflected on his struggles in a candid post, even being quoted saying “I’ve been a miserable fuck for many years.” Let’s break it all down.

The public has been watching the Jackass icon’s struggles for years now, such as Bam’s multiple public intoxication arrests and his stints in rehab (including Margera breaking out). But he’s seemingly on the men, and has been sharing updates related to his sobriety and ongoing legal battle with ex Nikki Boyd. Case in point: Bam’s recent Instagram post, where he reflected on the state of his life right now. In his words:

I’ve come to realize I’ve been a miserable fuck for many years on pills and alcohol. Thanks to my girlfriend Dannii for being a certified stretch coach and fitness trainer. She’s got my legs 100 percent back to normal. To the point where I thought I couldn’t skateboard anymore because the doctors said from alcohol dehydration I’ll never be able to skate again. They were like dry, rotten, rubber bands.

Talk about clarity. Addiction is a brutal disease, one that is known for affecting both the addict and their loved ones. Bam Margera claims he’s been sober for a while now, seemingly with a new perspective on substance issues. And he’s giving a lot of credit to his new girlfriend Dannii Marie for helping him get physically healthy. 

Back in late September, Margera revealed he was one month sober, and seemingly wasn’t using a program like AA in order to find clarity. Since then he has been focused on being reunited with his son; Bam has been in the midst of a custody battle for quite some time now. Later in that same IG video, he spoke about where things stand by sharing:

Now to complete my happiness all I want is to see my son Phoenix Wolf. It’s been 200 days since I’ve seen him. It’s been a legal matter… it’s been a never ending money pit. Once I was on life support for eight days with a tube down my throat with Covid and pneumonia and Nikki didn’t even call to see if I was okay, I knew it was officially over.

200 days is certainly a long time to be separated from one’s child, so it’s understandable that this might be causing Bam some distress. As previously mentioned, Margera has been fighting for custody rights for months now. But one assumes that publicly relapsing and recent arrests have impacted the ongoing legal situation. He spoke about his fraught relationship with ex Nikki Boyd, saying:

I just want her to be happy and it’s time for both of us to grow up. And I want to see my son. I love him more than anything. And thanks to the fans for understanding my pain.

Indeed, there are generations of Jackass fans out there who are invested in what’s been happening to Bam Margera over the last few years. The comments section of his recent video includes plenty of messages of support, and folks being excited that he seems healthy nowadays. Only time will tell how his story will continue, but things do seem to be looking up.

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