All Rise Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Guilt is a Bully

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Undoubtedly, All Rise Season 3 Episode 12 is the best episode of the season so far and is one of the series’ best.

The organ trafficking case allowed the two strongest female lawyers to face off and work together to catch the most significant criminal.

With “Guilt is a Bully, ” many of our favorites realize that guilt is holding them back in their relationships, and the series highlights friends and couples having fun. Was nothing more yummy than seeing Wilson Bethel and J. Alex Brinson shirtless?

Organ trafficking cases are challenging to watch since there are no winners. I’ve watched similar cases on Law & Order: SVU and my heart went to Damien Davis and Gabriel Salas.

Amy’s client, Damien, only had six months to live and was 250th on the transplant list, so he purchased the kidney. He never intended the traffickers to attack Gabriel violently when they removed the kidney.

Amy: Tell the jury about your reason to live.
Damien: I want to see my children graduate college. I want to grow old with my wife.

I felt for Maggie’s client, Gabriel, since he had already had multiple surgeries to correct the infection from the brutal kidney infection. He seemed nervous, and Maggie was tough.

Gabriel felt more comfortable with Sara and confided he was worried about how all this would affect his custody battle for his daughter.

It should have been a red flag that Gabriel ran out of the courtroom as Dr. Barclay started testifying about how horrible healthcare had become, and she hated seeing people die.

Apparently, Gabriel initially agreed to sell his kidney to have money for the custody battle, but he changed his mind because he didn’t want to go to prison and be away from his daughter.

Poor Sara. She was in a horrible position and only made things worse by telling confidential information to Emily. I love Sara, but why do characters do that?

Emily was right, though. Sara should have told Maggie the new info immediately since her career was on the line.

I understood that Maggie kept ignoring Sara, and Sara wanted to give Gabriel space, but I also think she liked him.

When Amy informed the court that she knew Gabriel had sold his kidney, everything blew up. Amy thought she had the upper hand until she learned Dr. Barclay was behind the organ trafficking operation.

Amy hates to lose, especially with her grieving from Collier. She threw herself into this case harder than usual because of the healthcare aspect.

She was angry that she used a criminal as her lead witness and that both men potentially knew that Dr. Barclay was their kidney source. Knowing that she swallowed her pride and suggested she and Maggie work together to bring down a bigger fish.

Instead of sending one guy to prison, together, we can take down an entire organ trafficking ring. I need your help.


While Lola appreciated the efforts, she wasn’t as ready to let Damien off the hook as easily and ordered him to a year of community service.

I’m relieved that both men get to move on with their lives. They got dealt some rotten luck. I wonder if we’ll see Gabriel again since he seemed to crush Sara, and All Rise has teased Sara gets a boyfriend during Season 3.

The Carl Brewer murder case started putting seeds of doubt in Mark and Luke’s heads when another middle-aged black woman was found in a dumpster.

Neither man wanted to admit it, but they doubted they freed a guilty man. This was incredibly upsetting for Luke since Carl was his client.

The moment that Carl Brewer walked free, there was something in his eyes that made me feel like I was wrong about him all along.


While both men pretended it was a coincidence, if Carl Brewer did commit the latest murder, it would be great if Luke and Mark teamed up to catch him this time.

These cases are proving to be some of the best ones of the series, and there were always some loose ends with Carl Brewer.

We finally got fun, sexy scenes as Amy and Mark fooled around. It seemed Amy had moved on from grieving Collier, but Mark was unsure since Amy wanted to elope, and he wanted a big wedding more than she did.

Mark needed to listen to Lola and Tony, who told him he needed to be there for Amy without pressure. Throwing himself into his work or ordering three-tier cakes wasn’t the solution.

Tony: Why don’t you get a wedding planner like everyone else?
Mark: I don’t want to get a wedding planner in case Amy decides to pull the brakes.
Tony: That is not something you want to hear from a groom-to-be.

I’m unsure if getting drunk with Lola was the correct solution, but Lola also needed a night out since she was lonely with Robin and Bailey were gone.

Seeing Lola and Mark drink and sing karaoke were the types of scenes fans love. They’re fun, and they illustrate how long those two have been friends.

Lola: You sure you want to get married?
Mark: I really do. I want something different than what Vic had. I want to have the family I never had.

After observing everything in the organ trafficking case, Amy was finally ready to plan the wedding. Still, Mark was too hungover to enjoy the samples she wanted him to try. So ironic. At least they’re finally on the same page.

I’m unsure if Lola had the same luck with Robin, but by the end of the episode, he appeared to be texting back. Hopefully, he’ll return home soon, and they can reconcile.

Luke and Emily finally became an official couple. I think Carol is their unofficial match matcher, continuously throwing them on cases together.

It forced them to work together off the clock and combine business with pleasure. Emily even asked to stay the night since she still had nightmares about almost losing Luke.

Everyone knew that was a ruse for Luke to rescue her from something and for them to make love again.

It was a sweet but even more adorable moment when Emily handed Luke a strawberry and asked him in The Bachelorette fashion if he’d go steady with her.

Now that you’ve heard from me, what was your favorite part of tonight’s episode? Were you happy that Luke and Emily offically reunited? If you missed any episodes, you can watch All Rise online.

Tell us in the comments below.

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