Aaliyah Cosby: Everything You Need To Know About the Season 5 Cast Member

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Aaliyah Cosby
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  • Aaliyah is a Love is Blind season 5 cast member.
  • Aaliyah forms a deep connection with Uche.
  • Aaliyah disappears at the end of episode 4.

The first four episodes of Love is Blind season 5 ended with one shocking twist that revolved all around Aaliyah Cosby. The new cast member made a decision that rocked the pods. During her time on the show, Aaliyah, 29, was incredibly honest about her past.

Prior to Love is Blind, Aaliyah had been single for over a year. She found a connection on Love is Blind, but did it work out? Get to know the season 5 star as the show gets underway.

Aaliyah Is a Nurse.

Aaliyah is an ICU travel nurse who “flies all around the country for work,” according to her Netflix bio. On top of her nursing job, Aaliyah is a talented singer-songwriter.

Aaliyah Admits to Uche That She Cheated On Her Ex.

Aaliyah and Uche Okoroha hit it off right away when Love is Blind season 5 started. However, their relationship took a turn when Aaliyah revealed that she was unfaithful to her ex. She told Uche, 34, that she was never “sexually satisfied” with her ex-boyfriend, which led her to cheat. Aaliyah never told her boyfriend that she cheated on him and stayed with him for three months afterward. “I really hated myself for doing that,” Aaliyah admitted.

Aaliyah Becomes Close With Lydia.

Aaliyah and Lydia Velez Gonzalez become inseparable in the early stages of their Love is Blind journeys. But Aaliyah’s world was completely rocked when she found out that Lydia, 32, and Uche dated for a few months. Aaliyah and Lydia had a tearful conversation after the revelation. Aaliyah was later stunned when she learned that Lydia and Uche had sex recently.

Aaliyah Leaves at the End of Episode 4.

Following the revelation about Uche and Lydia’s past, Aaliyah admitted that she didn’t know if she could “handle this situation.” Aaliyah confronted Uche about everything, and he swore he didn’t have feelings for Lydia. At the end of episode 4, Uche planned on proposing to Aaliyah. When he entered his pod, Aaliyah wasn’t in hers. Uche was told that Aaliyah “decided to not continue with the experiment.”

Aaliyah Cosby
Aaliyah with Lydia on ‘Love is Blind.’ (Netflix)

Aaliyah Is on Instagram.

Aaliyah is on Instagram under the handle @aalove4. She frequently posts gorgeous photos and positive affirmations.

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