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We are proud to welcome REO to the Phi Tribe family! His first single “Savior” off of his debut EP “Beautiful Liar”, is an upbeat retro pop, rhythm radio, synthwave hit!

“Though one of the last songs to be written for the EP, Savior was probably the easiest to write and definitely the most fun to record. The majority of the song was written within an hour. I love that it opens the narrative of Beautiful Liar on a sweeter note and really sets the tone for the rest of the record.”

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IG: @i.m.reo

Produced from the ground up in 432hz to our Phi Balance standard, this song marks the beginning of bringing Phi Balanced Music technology out into the main stream. This means that you can enjoy music with many of the excellent benefits of our sleep, meditation, anxiety and PTSD relief programs!

Phi Balance™️ is a psycho acoustic technology that balances the frequencies of mind centers to relieve symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, etc. without drugs. Of the Millions of people who have already experienced our programs, we’ve received hundreds of thousands of comments from people suffering from debilitating anxiety, boasting complete relief of all symptoms using our Phi Balance™️ Music Programs.

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Music and lyrics written and performed by REO.
Music Produced by Michael Mix Mike Pritchard and REO.
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered and Phi Balanced by Michael Mix Mike Pritchard


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