Ghosts Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Ghost Hunter

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Freddie is on the hunt for the truth. Well, more like the truth about ghosts.

His suspicions have led him to purchase some ghost-hunting equipment on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 13.

The perpetually cheerful assistant had plenty of drive to prove his theories right. However, just like any episode of Ghosts, the spirits of Woodstone Manor weren’t going to make his mission too easy.

“Ghost Hunter” was a nice ending to Freddie’s and Jessica’s stories on Ghosts Season 2.

We love having Sam, Jay, and the ghosts anchor the series as the main threads. However, having some familiar faces who popped up now and then helped to spice things up.

A consistent employee at Woodstone Manor gave Sam and Jay more opportunities for workplace comedy. And we got plenty of it when Freddie started on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 11.

From the minute he joined, there was a new unpredictable energy that the Woodstone Manor crew had to deal with whenever he was around.

It’s a bit sad that the energy is gone now.

Freddie: Sam, Jay, in the time that I’ve been working here, I’ve noticed some disturbing things. It started with these strange, almost ethereal humming sounds I would hear every now and then.
Flower: I think he’s talking about you, Alberta!
Freddie: It was a like a singer warming up but kind of off-key.
Alberta: The hell it was!

The same goes for Jessica. Her off-beat romance with Sasappis was never going to last since she was trapped by the car, but her zingers and messiness made her scenes even more outrageous.

Plus, they were cute together! All good things have to end eventually.

Even though he left, Freddie made the right decision to quit Woodstone Manor. His entire experience at the job was one messy disaster after another.

Between his dating troubles on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 12 and his being fired once, Freddie has been on an emotional roller coaster.

And the second Sam and Jay tried to gaslight him about the laptop keys, that should’ve been the final straw for him.

Flower: Oh my god! You guys, Thor’s stuck in a ghost trap.
Trevor: Wait for it…
Flower: Oh my god! I’m in here with him.

Come on, he had proof! Like, the real proof of something hitting the keys on the laptop. That type of evidence should be something no one could deny.

His reason for quitting because he “didn’t want to work with ghosts” was probably just a cover to leave due to everything else. No one would’ve blamed him at that point.

On the positive side, Freddie’s story proved that equipment and tools were available to get rid of ghosts. None of the Woodstone Manor ghosts need to go, but if there’s ever a pesky poltergeist, the group knows what to do now.

Did anyone think the ghost-trapping kit was going to work?

The toy seemed like another gag, but my jaw dropped when Thorfinn got sucked into the trap. The twist was surprising because the episode’s flow was more about gaslighting Freddie than saving ghosts.

We were tricked into a false sense of security, which is perfect for a twist. “Ghost Hunter” got me.

Flower accidentally getting trapped in the kit too? Not surprising.

If anyone were going to make the mistake of touching the kit, it would be Flower.

Having Flower and Thorfinn trapped together was surprisingly cute and serene. They can be quite tender and romantic with each other when they allow themselves to open up, especially Flower.

Sam: Okay, you all heard the man in the Atari shirt. I think we’ve got to give this a shot!
Hetty: And now one more of us is gonna die so that Jay feels heard.

And thankfully, they survived the trap to see another day and date.

Though, did anyone actually fear they would be destroyed in the kit? It would’ve been too serious for a big twist like that to write off two main characters. The stakes were an obvious red herring here.

For Jessica and Sasappis’s relationship, their ending felt real and natural.

There was only so much they could do before the reality sunk in about their restrictions. The pair would always be separated unless Sam found a way to bring Jessica into Woodstone Manor.

Thorfinn: Oh! Big surprise! Coward man being coward.
Pete: If you’re so brave, why don’t you touch it?!
Thorfinn: You challenging Thor’s manhood?
Pete: From over here, yeah.
Thorfinn: Fine, I’ll touch it. Thor not afraid.

And Jessica couldn’t stay parked outside the manor forever. The constant parking would’ve driven her insane, even with the random driving trips.

It was best for them to part and for Jessica to get back on the road.

Hopefully, we’ll see Jessica again someday. Not just for her chemistry with Sasappis but for the fun tension between Jay and Marco. Seriously, Jay is terrible at negotiating!

Last Thoughts From Woodstone Manor:

  • If Jessica got trapped in the kit and the malfunction was inside the house, would she be freed from the car curse? The equipment was inside the manor, so it’s a possibility she could’ve joined the group.
  • Pete had his shining moment to prove himself. Brave Pete does come out to save the day now and then.
  • Should Sam and Jay have told Freddie the truth about the ghosts? If they had, there’s a slight chance he could’ve stayed. Though, if he left because of the spirits, chances are he would’ve run out faster.
  • Flower agreeing to a solo date with Thorfinn was a big step for her. We’ll have to wait and see if they move forward into a relationship.

Now, over to you, Ghosts fans.

What did you think of “Ghost Hunter”?

Will the ghost-trapping kit ever return? Are you sad to see Freddie and Jessica leave? Would you have believed Sam and Jay’s lies about the video recording?

If you missed the latest episode of Ghosts, you can watch Ghosts online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts below.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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