Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Partners In Crime

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Something tells me that Jet’s undercover stint is a terrible idea.

On Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 12, Jet went back into the field, donning a long black wig and a revealing dress to catch a criminal’s eye.

She got her way. Seamus can’t stop thinking about her, and he’s the right-hand man to the supposedly untouchable killer they’re trying to catch. But this could go very wrong very quickly.

Murphy’s one of the creepiest villains Organized Crime has had in a while, and Seamus isn’t much better.

For a second, Seamus seemed pissed that Jet didn’t respond to his flirtation the way he had hoped. And the way he showed up outside when she left the bar gave me stalker vibes.

I don’t think lovesick Seamus has any idea that the woman he’s fallen hard for is a cop, but Murphy might, which could be bad.

Jet will also have a hard time resisting Seamus’ advances without arousing either his suspicion or his anger. He’s into her and used to getting his way, and she’s perfectly playing the part of the hard-to-get sexpot.

This could go sideways in so many different ways. Bell usually freaks out about her people going undercover, and this situation should give her serious Gina vibes.

Like Gina, Jet is playing with fire by pretending to be into a scary, dangerous man’s right-hand man, and we all know what happened to Gina.

Could Jet be risking a similar fate? She’s a significant part of the Organized Crime Unit, so she’ll probably survive, but talk about a tense situation!

Jet’s comment that she didn’t hate the assignment was worrisome. Could the generally aloof IT expert end up falling for her mark for real?

That’s always a risk when an undercover agent tries to seduce a bad guy as part of the ruse. It happens all the time on Days of Our Lives, and Organized Crimes isn’t above using this trope too.

Even scarier: Murphy catching onto Jet’s true identity.

Bell warned the team that Murphy is more paranoid than ever after getting burned by an undercover DEA agent. If someone doesn’t get made, that comment was pointless.

It’s not necessarily Jet. The bar was teeming with undercovers, and Reyes and Whalen arrested a dealer moments after he bought drugs from Seamus.

If the dealer talks to Seamus or Murphy, that might be the end of Reyes’s cover. I know Organized Crime only has so many detectives, but having Reyes and Whalen bust, the dealer felt like an unnecessarily risky move.

Of course, this is the same series where Stabler manages to go undercover in every major crime family without ever getting made, so realism doesn’t play a big part in any of this.

The best part of this story is Bell’s personal connection.

Bell and Stabler reversed roles on this one. Bell usually has to talk Stabler out of some crazy idea he has, confront him about his refusal to follow orders, and generally try to rein him in.

On Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1, Bell tried to stop Stabler from obsessing over solving Kathy’s murder and get him to focus on his job.

Now, Bell has a mission, and Stabler may have to help her stay out of trouble, psychologically or otherwise.

This should be fascinating. Stabler never appreciated and rarely listened to Bell’s attempts to make him act reasonably. How will he respond when the shoe is on the other foot?

Bell is risking everything for the truth.

Deputy Inspector: You have to be really careful right now, Ayanna.
Bell: About what? Going after the truth or exposing you?

She offended the detective in charge of the original case and Darrell’s widow, and the powers that be don’t want her looking into this.

Things could get very ugly quickly, but that will not stop Bell from pursuing the truth.

Usually, Bell gives the team orders from the safety of her desk and watches Stabler disregard them entirely. This time, she’s the one putting her career on the line. It’s not a side of her I’ve ever experienced, but I’m here for it!

Bell can be just as determined as Stabler when she wants to be, and this is one of those times.

Marjorie’s comment suggests that Bell and Darrell’s relationship was like Stabler and Benson’s was back in the day.

When Kathy was alive, Benson was never anything more than a friend and partner to Stabler, but Kathy was jealous anyway. Of course, Bell is gay, but that won’t stop Marjorie from being jealous of her.

What do we think the deal is with this DA that showed up out of nowhere?

My initial take: she’s not who she says she is. She showed up out of nowhere and was quick to name-drop Benson.

This is the perfect excuse for Stabler to call. He needs to know if this woman is for real and if she even knows Benson.

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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 12 airs on NBC on Thursdays at 10 PM EST / PST.

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