The Rock Shares Sweet Tea Party With His Daughter, But He Still Seems A Little Salty She Won’t Recognize He’s In Moana

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The Rock may come off as a total badass in the ring, just as his real-life counterpart Dwayne Johnson kicks ass in the gym and on screen in big Hollywood productions. It seems like he’s just a big softie when he’s home with his family, though, because he just shared an adorable video of him having a tiny tea party with his daughter. The daughter/daddy time is so sweet, but the Disney star still seems a little salty that, despite his best efforts to convince her, his little one won’t recognize him as Maui in Moana

Dwayne Johnson is a lot of things (wrestler, actor, business owner, ect.) but I’d be willing to bet that girl dad beats out all his titles and is his favorite role yet. In a recent Instagram post, Johnson can be seen sitting in a tiny chair having a tea party with his youngest daughter Tiana. Check out the video in the post below:

Obviously Dwayne Johnson takes his down time very seriously and is taking advantage of any time not working to do the things he loves; spending time with his daughter is obviously high on that list. His caption pretty much says it all: spending quality time with your own personal little humans really puts life into perspective. For Johnson, this perspective is from a mini table that probably only goes up to his massive calf muscles, but it’s probably the sweetest view to the A-lister. 

The Black Adam star put Amos Lee’s “Sweet Pea” over the video, clearly directed toward his daughter being his “sweet pea, apple of my eye”. The song also talks about not knowing why the musician loves the subject of his affections, but that they are the reason for always coming home. 

While Dwayne Johnson has shown major affection for all the women in his life (his wife, all 3 of his daughters, and his Moana signage stealing mom), the sentiment is super sweet and it’s something his daughter can look back on when she’s older with lots of love. 

Dwayne Johnson also brings back up the fact that little Tiana still doesn’t believe he was really in Moana, so he clearly isn’t over the slight. He shouldn’t be too concerned, though, as she has fully recognized him as the lead in his upcoming comic book film Black Adam. Maybe if Moana was live action the 4-year-old would be more willing to believe her famous dad was actually Maui in the film. 

It’s super sweet that Dwayne Johnson can take some well deserved time to sit down for a tea party with his little girl, because he has been super busy lately. The last few years has been full of absolutely killer films from the star, and he has been working hard on his 2022 new release film Black Adam for a while now. We’ll be able to see the fruits of his labor when Black Adam goes to theaters October 21st, but for now fans should be content with Johnson getting some much needed family time.

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