Machine Gun Kelly Shares Nude Photo And More In BTS Looks At His New Movie With Megan Fox, Good Mourning

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For the most part, Machine Gun Kelly is professionally known as a singer/rapper, with a few acting roles on the side. But now, the 32-year-old can add the title of “director” to the resume. His Hitchcockian debut as the star/co-writer/co-director of the stoner flick Good Mourning, which also features his future wife Megan Fox, is out now. And in classic MGK fashion, he shared a nude photo and other wild behind-the-scenes moments to promote the film.

In short, Good Mourning follows a lackadaisical movie star (played by Colson Baker, a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly) who gets an ambiguous breakup text from a girlfriend. From there, he falls down a rabbit hole of drug-induced confusion that (as seen in the trailer) rooks in Pete Davidson and Megan Fox. Following its limited release in theaters and on-demand on May 20, the headliner took to Instagram with some throwback pics that leave nothing to the movie magic imagination, if you know what I mean. Check them out here:

There’s a lot going on in this slideshow, quite frankly. For starters, they appear to prove that “200 blunts” were indeed possibly in rotation whilst filming, just as his post’s caption suggests. They also prove that Machine Gun Kelly is willing to suffer for his *art* (i.e. get down to his birthday suit, as well as take a water balloon and human “dust” remains to the face). I’m going to need more answers to that last clip, though, which shows either a fictional indoor scene with torrential flooding or a very bad on-set leak snafu.

What we do know a little bit more about is the inspiration behind Good Mourning. As Machine Gun Kelly tells it, the narrative stems from an ambiguous text he received from Megan when they first started dating. Apparently, she was jetting off to “evaluate” Stonehenge, as one does, which then spiraled into MGK pooling together his buddies’ opinions about whether it meant a breakup or not. Fox doesn’t play his actual girlfriend in the movie like she did in that moment, but her character does help him figure things out along the way. The rapper would later gush about how it was an “honor” to direct the infamous Jennifer’s Body star and praise her “underrated” comedic talents.

Technically, the film marks the A-list couple’s second collaboration together. And ostensibly, he is prouder of this particular project than the last, a film called Midnight in the Switchgrass. (MGK famously deemed that film total trash.)

With their recent engagement, the couple are obviously looking to turn their frequent collaboration into a lifelong commitment. And by commitment, they mean a cosmic, eternal, vampire-esque blood-drinking commitment. It’s all part of the ongoing Goth Prince and Princess of Hollywood vibe they have going on. (That, naturally, extends to their future wedding plans as well.) All of which I continue to live and breathe for. 

Ahead of their nuptials, though check out Good Mourning in theaters or find it on-demand with the help of an Amazon Prime subscription.

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