Jurassic World Dominion’s Sam Neill Recalls The Funny Realization He Had While Shooting Intense Scene With Chris Pratt And Co.

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While there are plenty of films to get excited about this year, and certainly more than one major throwback film, Jurassic World Dominion is definitely one of the 2022 film releases that is getting people of all ages pumped for the summer. With all three OG Jurassic Park stars returning for the possible franchise finale, the anticipation for the film is at an all-time high. Sam Neill has opened up about filming the upcoming movie and the funny realization he had in setting up for one particular action-packed scene with Jurassic World star Chris Pratt. 

Things are going down in Jurassic World Dominion, and with dinosaurs running completely free in the world unlike any of the previous Jurassic films, action is probably at an all-time high in this next entry. It’s been a while since Sam Neill and the other OG cast members have needed to full-out run from dinosaurs, and it’s pretty obvious that the slowest out of the bunch is closest to becoming fresh food in this particular franchise. Let’s be honest, we know it’s not going to be Chris Pratt last in line.

Apparently Sam Neill was a little worried it was going to be him, so much so that he was worried the animatronic dinosaurs were going to get him. In an interview with Fandango All Access, Neill, while reunited with Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, explained the “dark moment” he had when looking at his co-stars getting ready for a heavy action scene where he considered he wouldn’t be fast enough to survive the shoot. Here’s how he told it:

I had a dark moment, I have to tell you. There is a point in the film where we’re all together, and we all have to run like crazy to avoid being killed. And we’re waiting for the cameras to get ready, and [Chris] Pratt is warming up his stretching, and Mamoudou [Athie] is running on the spot. … And [Laura Dern] is athletic, we all know she’s athletic, she’s stretching, too, my god. And I’m like, ‘I’m about 20 years older than anyone else in this film. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make it across. This is the time I get eaten by an animatronic dinosaur, because I don’t think I can run as fast as anyone.’ And they’re so fit, and they’re so young. And I’m going to die. Luckily, I kept up.

I guess the panic and desperation in those on-screen ‘run for your life’ kind of situations isn’t all acting if Sam Neill had concerns and actors were limbering up for the scene. For real though, it’s doubtful Neill in any real danger. Also, he is 74 years old and running with dinosaurs, so that’s fit enough in my book. Imagine being the dino operator to have killed Sam Neill, though.  That is not a good look.

Jurassic World Dominion is mixing old with new bringing back some of the beloved, OG characters while also introducing a new dinosaur. The playground for the dinosaurs is also much bigger, seeing as we left the franchise off with these prehistoric creatures being released out into the world. 

While I’m certainly hoping for a ton of action in the upcoming film, I don’t love thinking about Sam Neill feeling less than confident about filming said action scenes. He was such a badass in the Jurassic Park trilogy, I can’t wait to see him reprise his role of Alan Grant on the big screen. Jurassic World Dominion hits theaters exclusively on June 10th, and you’ll be able to stream it later in the year with a Peacock subscription.

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