Magic Mike 3’s Channing Tatum Shared A Special Birthday Dance With New Co-Star Salma Hayek, And It’s Absolutely Adorable

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It’s been a hectic week or so for Magic Mike’s Last Dance after Thandie Newton allegedly left the film over an on-set disagreement with star and producer Channing Tatum. Things seemed to move in a more positive direction with Newton’s replacement Salma Hayek. While there hasn’t been much talk after Hayek came aboard the threequel, Tatum seemingly pushed the reported drama aside to celebrate his birthday while on set. Things appeared to be going swimmingly as the Magic Mike 3 co-stars shared a special birthday dance, and it’s absolutely adorable.

The Magic Mike 3 actor found time to celebrate his special day while shooting the threequel. Dancing for the film seemed to influence the sweet moment between him and Hayek. But it wasn’t Tatum who chose to share the innocent dance session as the video wound up on the Eternals actress’s Instagram. The actress posted the video to celebrate his birthday with a cute message to cap off the sweet dance. To see the two co-stars show off their best moves, check out her fun Instagram post below.

Dancing in a trailer filled with balloons would be difficult for some to maneuver around, but these Hollywood actors mastered the art of trailer jigs. Having silly balloons and party lights created the best atmosphere for a small birthday celebration. Of course, the silliness went up a notch due to Tatum’s tiny birthday hat. The two Magic Mike co-stars seemed to enjoy the sweet dance.

Dancing to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” would make any birthday celebrations not only adorable, but jovial at the same time. Of course, the Lost City actor pulled out his best moves as he and Salma Hayek danced in his trailer. Spinning Hayek and his footwork were impressive given how small the dance floor was. But that’s to be expected from him. This is the same guy who showed off his best moves with the dance classic Step Up. Although who knew he had these specific moves stored in his dance repertoire? Hopefully, viewers will get to see those moves when the sequel drops.

The celebratory dance between Tatum and Salma Hayek marked the first time followers have seen her on the set of the stripper movie after replacing Thandiwe Newton. Hayek replacing the Westworld actress made headlines after she allegedly got into an intense spat with the franchise lead over Will Smith’s Oscar slap. Both Warner Bros. and Newton’s spokesperson called the rumors “false” citing family matters.

Despite refuting the rampant speculation, there were still rumors floating around, including allegations of the actress heading to a rehab facility and her behavior being erratic on set. She appeared to be in a better place after leaving the project despite reports of her and her husband reportedly splitting after 24 years. But things appeared to be better for everyone involved.

Of course, moviegoers will have to wait and see how Hayek and Tatum’s chemistry turns out when Magic Mike’s Last Dance finally arrives. You can watch the sequel by getting an HBO Max subscription. In the meantime, check out our 2022 movie schedule to see what projects are coming out this year.

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