Jackass Newcomer Says His ‘Gnarliest’ Injury Didn’t Even Come While Filming Jackass Forever

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It surely goes without saying that the gang from Jackass did not all walk away from the making of Jackass Forever in perfect health. Between Danger Ehren rupturing a testicle during the Cup Test, and Johnny Knoxville suffering brain damage from being  rammed by a massive bull, some of the performers ended up with some of the worst  injuries of their stunt careers. 

That wasn’t the case for newcomer Sean “Poopies” McInerney, however. For him, the distinction of “gnarliest injury” didn’t come from a stunt in the making of the fourth Jackass movie, but instead from a shark attack he experienced during the shooting of the Discover Channel special Jackass Shark Week.

Poopies talked about his scars during a recent interview with PopCulture.com, the interviewer asking the performer about which stunt he has done that hurt the most.  During the Jackass Shark Week special, he was doing a kind of Happy Days parody by jumping over shark-infested waters on a wakeboard, and when things went wrong, he ended up getting his left hand chomped. Showing off his scars, Poopies explained,

Nothing’s worse than that. That’s the fucking gnarliest of gnarliest, my friend… This is the gnarly part. This right here is the skin graft. But it only goes like that far. Doesn’t really do too much, bro. But I’m still surfing. I’m still surfing and riding my one tins around some, back at the Poopies grown lifestyle. It’s all good.

After a traumatic experience of being attacked by a shark, most people would surely develop at least a small phobia about being in open water, but evidently that’s not how Poopies rolls. He was an experienced surfer prior to the incident, and it sounds like he didn’t take too long getting back on the metaphorical horse and back out into the ocean.

Released prior to Jackass Forever, Jackass Shark Week aired during the annual Selachimorpha-centric stretch on Discovery Channel in July 2021. A few days after the incident, Poopies posted a vlog on his personal YouTube page detailing the events that happened, including interviews with co-stars Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, and director Jeff Tremaine. You can watch the video below – but be warned that there is some extreme imagery of the “gnarly” injury that I wouldn’t recommend looking at while eating. You’ve been warned!

Of course, Poopies definitely does experience some incredible pain during the runtime of Jackass Forever as well. In the hit film, he gets bitten on the face by a snake multiple times, has his testicles whacked while incorrectly answering trivia questions, and he is part of the explosive finale that sees him spun around while drinking milk before having paintballs fired at him. 

What he goes through in the feature isn’t nearly as bad as Danger Ehren’s constant abuse (I still maintain that Ehren is the MVP of the movie), but Poopies very much earns his stripes as a member of the troupe.

Following its exclusive theatrical release back in February, Jackass Forever is now everywhere on home video – which includes Blu-ray and on digital platforms. You can make good use of your Paramount+ subscription by streaming it and the rest of the Jackass movies right now,

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