How The New Halloween Helped Change Devon Sawa’s Mind About A Final Destination Sequel

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The horror genre has been in a renaissance for a number of years, to the joy of moviegoers. And in addition to thrilling new concepts, a number of beloved franchises have returned to theaters as a result. Chief among them is the new Halloween movies, and the 2018 sequel actually helped Final Destination actor Devon Sawa changed his mind about possibly doing a sequel.

Actor Devon Sawa has had a long career, starting off as a teen heartthrob before taking on more wild projects like Idle Hands and Final Destination. His protagonist Alex was the first character in the long-running franchise to have a premonition, but Sawa never appeared in any sequels– being killed off in-universe. But seeing Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween might have changed his mind about returning, as the Casper icon recently shared:

I would like to revisit Final Destination again. I always thought that ship had sailed but now that I’ve seen the Halloween movies, I mean, why not just start another sequel from #2, like as if the other [films] didn’t happen.

Do you hear that sound? It’s horror fans everywhere collectively cheering. Because while Final Destination has produced a number of sequels over the years, none have brought back Devon Sawa’s Alex. But now that he’s interested in returning for a timeline-breaking sequel, perhaps the supernatural horror title will go back to its roots.

Devon Sawa’s comments to Ok! Magazine are sure to turn the heads of a few moviegoers, who would love for Final Destination to return with the actor in tow. The 2011 fifth movie was the last time we saw the property in theaters, so the timing might be perfect. And with the original star down to reprise his role, perhaps we can get a canon-changing sequel sometime in the near future.

The 43 year-old actor’s comments about Halloween make a great deal of sense. The 2018 slasher served as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original, ignoring all of the other sequels. If this approach is taken to the Final Destination timeline, then Devon Sawa’s Alex could finally return to the gnarly franchise.

While Alex managed to survive the original Final Destination, Sawa didn’t return for the first sequel alongside Ali Larter. Instead, he was killed off-screen, which serves as the reason behind why Larter’s character Clear committed herself into a mental health facility. Because of this, Alex’s death wasn’t satisfying for the fandom, who would no doubt love to see Sawa return to the role.

It’s currently unclear if/when the Final Destination franchise will return to theaters, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. And with Devon Sawa interested in reprising role, perhaps we’ll see him and Ali Larter reunited as Alex and Clear. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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