How JLO And Ben Affleck Are Staying In Touch With Their Busy Schedules

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It’s not unusual for a lot of busy couples to have trouble making enough time to be together. Everyone has work, family, friends, and other responsibilities that could easily get in the way if they don’t regularly set aside time for their significant other. The same might be even more true for celebrities, who frequently find themselves not just working long hours, but doing so far away from their romantic partners. After several months of a whirlwind relationship resurrection, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are now doing just that, but we have some idea of how they’re staying in touch with their very busy schedules.

JLo and Ben Affleck surprised everyone earlier this year, when they reconnected in the spring, after a whopping 17 years apart, and kicked off a renewed relationship that’s seen them become one of the world’s most famous couples again. But, as we know, they both have very busy careers, and are now working in different locales, meaning that they can’t be face to face on a daily basis. An anonymous source has told E! News, though, that Lopez and Affleck are finding ways to get in some good face time now, and said:

They are both filming during the week on location, but they have met up whenever possible. Ben has been in L.A., and JLo flew in from Vancouver to spend time with him. They hung out at his house and then left for the airport together on Sunday night. JLo has had her kids visit her in Vancouver, but she is also coming back and forth to L.A. They are working out their schedules so that they can be sure to see each other every few days. Things are good between them, and they are staying connected.

While Affleck has been doing a lot of press for his new historical drama, The Last Duel, he also spent the earlier part of October in Austin, Texas filming Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming thriller, Hypnotic, and has been in Los Angeles for the past couple of weeks so that he could visit with his kids. Meanwhile, Lopez has been working on the assassin thriller, The Mother, for Netflix in Vancouver, Canada. This means that there’s a lot less time for the duo to do things like galavant around on yachts or hang out in Montana, so they’ve had to be very conscious about making time for one another. 

Of course, all of the bonding time they had between late April and early this month may have helped to ease this transition for the talented twosome. Aside from simply vacationing together, they also did things like take their kids to an outdoor movie, while Affleck flew to New York to see one of Lopez’s concerts about a month ago, and they also set the internet abuzz by gracing the red carpets at the Met Gala and the Venice Film Festival.

As most people likely know, it can be difficult to feel like you’re continuing to connect with your partner if the two of you are almost never together, even if you call / text / video chat daily. Physically being in the same place can help with that a lot, and it seems clear that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck know this, and are doing all they can to make sure they hang out IRL as much as possible right now. Hopefully, that means things will go much better for them this time around

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