Tammy Faye Guests on “If These Walls Could Talk” With Hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss 10/20/21 2 PM ET

Tammy Faye Guests on “If These Walls Could Talk” With Hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss 10/20/21 2 PM ET


Who else but hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss could “spill the tea” on their weekly show “If These Walls Could Talk” live from Pangea Restaurant on the Lower Eastside of NYC, with their unique style of honest, and emotional interviews, sharing the fascinating backstory of celebrities, entertainers, recording artists, writers and artists and bringing their audience along for a fantastic ride.

Tammy Faye will be a featured guest on “If These Walls Could Talk” with hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 at 2 PM ET live from the infamous Pangea Restaurant.

Wendy Stuart is an author, celebrity interviewer, model, filmmaker and hosts “Pandemic Cooking With Wendy,” a popular YouTube comedic cooking show born in the era of Covid-19, and TriVersity Talk, a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community.

Tym Moss is a popular NYC singer, actor, and radio/tv host who recently starred in the hit indie film “JUNK” to critical acclaim.

Tammy Lang a/k/a Tammy Faye Starlite has come to be one of the brightest stars in the Downtown New York scene.  The always peripatetic Tammy maintains a busy schedule of performances, guest appearances and benefits, not only in Manhattan but around the country with appearances in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Chicago, St Louis, Pittsburgh as well as the farthest reaches of New Jersey and New Hampshire.  She’s been a girl on the go-go since her soap opera days when she was a regular on The Guiding light portraying one of two “wacky maids.”  Allison Janney was the other one.

She later came up with the Tammy Faye Starlite character, a chipper yet bitter country music singer whose reactionary rantings and authentically convincing Partonesque vocals made for sophisticated satire of the highest — or lowest — order.  Her jaw-dropping repertoire included such ersatz country classics as “God Has Lodged a Tenant in My Uterus” and “Did I Shave My Vagina For This?” among other campfire favorites.  Against all odds, the act was accepted not only in New York and LA but also in Nashville where her sold-out performances both scandalized and thrilled club goers.  Her following in Music City grew exponentially to the point where the fire marshal had to be called on at least one occasion.

In recent times, her startling feats of musical reincarnation she has created a new kind of cabaret. Equally gifted as an actor and singer, Lang deep-dives into the vaults of art-pop-rock-whatever and returns clutching buried treasures. In Nico: Underground— her bio-show, as it might be called – she brings back the late Velvet Underground icon in all of her fuzzed-out, deadpan glory.  With mentions of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Jackson Brown, John Cale and Andy Warhol, she animates the character providing both historical context and up to the minute contemporary references.

With Cabaret Marianne and, most recently Why’d Ya Do It? Lang salutes Marianne Faithfull one of the great, straight-talking divas of modern pop music, another foreboding yet tragically vulnerable blonde icon of the 1960s.  She pays homage by performing a singular repertoire that is bitingly and world weary while commenting on the continuing downward spiral of the culture.  Both portrayals are much more than mere concert tributes; she possesses these real-life characters provides with spiky monologues woven between songs that have had audiences alternately laughing and gasping. Nico and Faithfull were women committed to following their own rocky paths. They stood for a bruising new vision of love and other let downs. Now, thanks to Lang, they stand before us once again.

Beyond those portrayals, Tammy has succeeded in adapting the repertoire of Rolling Stones albums in order to make them come alive in a cabaret context.  Just A Kiss Away, found her tackling Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street. Even Their Satanic Majesties Request has been tackled with aplomb, bringing intimacy to the Jagger/Richards repertoire while channeling the attitude and effect of Mick Jagger, but with less estrogen.


  “Remarkable — and howlingly funny.. a funny, morbidly fascinating night of theater.”

Charles Isherwood/NY Times

“The show mocks and honors its subject with loving regard.”

David Fricke/Rolling Stone

“Now, the downtown rock raconteuse Tammy Faye Starlite is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album — ‘my magnum opus, my gesamtkunstwerk,’ she says, narrating the show as Ms. Faithfull — in ’Why’d Ya Do It,’ a hybrid of séance, lecture and concert…her mastery of Ms. Faithfull’s singing voice is extraordinary, down to the tremolo that punctuates some words like a stifled sob.”

Elisabeth Vincentelli/NY Times

“Tammy Faye Starlite channels the chanteuse’s languid essence..” (she is) “..a performer who thrives on spontaneity and improvisation.”

David Keeps/LA Times

“..a brilliant, nuanced performance, completely convincing, at once a sly parody, but also an admiring nod to the original, a loving rendition of a pop culture icon…”

Roy Trakin/HITS

“Jaw-dropping.. a serious comic creation intended to be so authentic that it might be mistaken for the real thing.” – Stephen Holden/NY Times

“..a performance artist [with the ability to] slip into someone else’s skin.”

Robert Christagu/MSN Music

There wasn’t a minute when we didn’t think we weren’t watching the real Nico.”

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, a/k/a The Pet Shop Boys

“Starlite’s performance was brilliant.. Her German-accented singing and biting comments between songs captured the essence of Nico.”

Gary Stoll/No Depression

“This woman is amazing.”

Will Hermes/Rolling Stone

“The daring, hilarious, persona-shifting Starlite pays tribute to glacial German singer Nico..”

Adam Feldman/Time Out New York

“Now, as Marianne Faithfull, British pop’s queen of survival, Starlite resurrects 1979’s Broken English as a thoroughly modern tale of adventure, abyss and hard-won vengeance — one of the most brutally frank albums of its time, made flesh again, in poignant lethally honest character.”

David Fricke/Rolling Stone

“Tammy Faye Starlite’s performance of Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English in Why’d You Do It? Channels all of that album’s terror, ferocity and vulnerability — and then some. …her portrayal has grown more passionate, more visceral, more provocative, more unnerving. The lines between the two women fracture, and the result is shattering — and profoundly moving.”

Anthony DeCurtis/ Author of Lou Reed: A Life

“..brilliantly inhabits the outsized persona of Marianne Faithfull…. (an) alternately stark and darkly funny performance….”

Steve Futterman/The New Yorker

“Tammy Faye Starlite’s channeling of Marianne Faithfull is not so much tribute as celebration. She assumes Marianne’s persona with a sly and respectful humoresque, inhabiting the songs, constructing a virtual biography that interprets and reveals the inner artist who created Broken English, whose tale is one of triumph and transcendence Tammy’s resurrection is yet another life unfolding, in a performance that bares the soul and touches the heart.” – Lenny Kaye/Author of You Call It Madness/Little Steven’s Underground Garage SiriusXM

“Having produced many records with Marianne as well as being a close friend for 34 years, I was reluctant to see Tammy Faye as Marianne. I have to admit that I was astonished as Tammy does not initiate Marianne at all. She totally captures the feeling of being with her which is an amazing achievement… and the audience went apeshit. So, what can I say? Just go… Tammy Faye got it right.”

Hal Willner/legendary music producer

“So here in 2019 we were blessed (or perhaps damned?) to have Tammy Faye Starlite replicate this ground-breaking album, a tour de force performance of the comeback of a major artist…Tammy Faye morphs into Marianne with vigor, rage, savagery. And songs are interspersed with often hilarious or, more often, scary catatonic rants about fucking anything that comes to mind. Now that I have been exposed to the unsurpassable talent of Tammy Faye Starlite it is my intention to keep her sharply on the radar.”

Steve Nardoni/Theater Pizzazz


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