Brawl Breaks Out At Universal Orlando During Halloween Horror Nights

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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort is meant to frighten its guests, but last night a number of them may have been legitimately scared, as they found themselves in the middle of a fight that broke out in the line for the Haunting of Hill House maze.

One of the other guests in line, Leslie Diaz, captured some of the fight on video and posted it to Facebook. The fight knocks down the barricades separating the queue. By the end of it there are multiple people with fists swinging, others who are trying to separate the combatants, and everybody else just runs for cover to try to stay clear.

Since the video obviously doesn’t start until after the fight began, it’s unclear just what started the fight or who is actually involved. It’s equally unknown if everybody who we see throwing punches is part of the same couple of parties or if the fight actually expanded due to the close quarters.

At one point it appears that somebody coming in from off camera just goes after somebody else. It seems likely these people were involved in an altercation prior to the video starting, but it shows just how wild all this got. The exact number of people who ended up involved in all this is unclear. We’ve reached out to Universal Orlando Resort for comment.

The core of the brawl appears to be in the background, so it’s hard to see what’s happening there. The first uniformed security guard shows up in the foreground about 40 seconds into the video, and he’s joined by more shortly after. From there things begin to calm down.

While theme parks are, of course, meant to be places where everybody can have a good time, you can’t get that many people together in the same place without having the occasional negative interaction as well. A couple years ago another very public brawl broke out in the middle of Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland.

That fight ended with most or all of the people involved being permanently banned from Disneyland, and charges being filed. It’s a safe bet that, at the very least, the first of those two items happened here. Most theme parks take a zero tolerance approach to fighting in the park, especially when it has the potential to endanger other guests, as this certainly did.

Whether charges will be filed will likely be up to the people involved in the fight. That is unless Universal Orlando Resort deems the situation worthy of bringing charges. It will all depend on exactly who and what got all this started.

Hopefully, those that were not involved in the fight and were simply too close for comfort were able to go back about their evening once the fight was over and enjoy the fictional violence of Halloween Horror Nights.

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