Tom Cruise Mixed It Up With Fans At A Baseball Game, And The Internet Is Living For It

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It’s October and while for many that means it’s the “spooky season”, for others it’s all about baseball. The post-season is in full swing and while the World Series is still several weeks away, for many the biggest series is already happening as the San Francisco Giants are taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. And the series is so big, it even brought out Tom Cruise for a game. 

Tonight the Giants and Dodgers get ready for game three in their series, and since the game is in L.A. there’s a decent chance that some major celebrity names will be in attendance. However, I’m not sure any name will be as big as Tom Cruise, who appeared in San Francisco over the weekend to watch game two.  

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The two best records in baseball this season belong to the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and so many believe this is the real World Series, with the winner of this battle the odds-on favorite to win it all. Perhaps that’s why Tom Cruise decided to show up. If you are “a fan of baseball,” as he so diplomatically puts it, you’ll want to watch the best teams take each other on. And if you can do that in person, so much the better. While he may have appeared in the city by the bay, he stopped short of admitting he was rooting for the Giants. Having said that, the Giants were more than happy to have him (even if they lost the game).

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Whether Tom Cruise is a particular fan of either team, he may have just taken the opportunity to go to a game because he hasn’t really had the chance to do that for quite some time. Cruise just wrapped filming on Mission: Impossible 7, a production that took the better part of two years to complete following multiple covid related delays. Now that the man has some actual free time, taking in a game is probably an absolute joy. 

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And Tom Cruise wasn’t the only celebrity enjoying the game. Danny Glover was reportedly also in attendance at the NLDS Game 2. The two apparently were quite friendly in the stands. Although, if Cruise is a Dodgers fan, as many suspect, he and Glover were likely on opposite sides. Glover is a San Francisco native and was certainly there to cheer on the home team.   

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Game three of the series takes place this evening. The Giants and Dodgers are tied at one a piece, which means the Giants will need to take at least one game in L.A. for the  series to go back north. If Tom Cruise shows up there we’ll have to really wonder which team he’s rooting for.  

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