Warrior Nun: Why It Needs To Be Your Next TV Obsession

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Add a splash of supernatural action. A heavy dose of wit and strong sisterly bonds. And mix it all with deep storytelling and addictive lore to pull you in.

What does it all make? Netflix’s underrated gem, Warrior Nun.

The power-packed, high-intensity series has been streaming on Netflix for two seasons.

Warrior Nun Season 2 dropped at the beginning of November, and the wait was worth it because the battle of good vs. evil kicked into major high gear!

Ava’s story, which picked up in the fight against Adriel and his minions, feels like it has many more chapters left to tell. It’s a good sign, as fans eagerly await news about a Warrior Nun Season 3. So, if anything were to happen, the series seems ready for more.

But are you ready to discover your next TV obsession?

Below, we break down some of the many reasons you need to add Warrior Nun to your list. Dive right in with a binge-watch or pace it out throughout the week; there are only 18 episodes (so far). And suffice it to say, there will be some light spoilers below.

1. The Lore Gets Deep

Love TV series with layered storytelling? Warrior Nun has this in abundance. Think of shows like Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where the plots continue to unveil new story parts.

Warrior Nun isn’t just a series about people fighting demons. It’s an explosive battle of good preventing evil from ushering in hell on Earth. All the while dealing with relationships, the afterlife, and an all-powerful halo stuck to Ava’s back.

Each episode dives deeper into the lore of its characters and the demons they fight. Plus, it injects influences of religious history and tales into the plots but alters them to suit the supernatural arc.

You can easily feel the weight of twists whenever Jillian or Sister Beatrice discuss a new element.

2. The Connecting Mystery

When it comes to mysteries, there’s one hanging over Warrior Nun that will keep you invested: Why did the halo choose to bring Ava back to life?

The series starts with 19-year-old Ava dying in a morgue. After a battle ensued, a nun placed the halo on Ava’s back to protect it from demons, but the power of the halo brought Ava back to life. That ability had never happened before.

Why did the halo pick Ava? Is there a reason that connects her to a bigger mystery? What other powers could she soon develop?

And with her transported to another dimension, there’s no telling how it will affect her and her abilities. There’s possibly more to the story than we realize.

3. One Girl In All The World, The Chosen One

Speaking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warrior Nun gives off great Buffy vibes. There are elements between both series that play well together and have commonalities.

For instance, Ava being chosen as the “Warrior Nun” and then bestowed with her abilities feels a lot like Buffy Summers when she became the Slayer.

Neither was asked to be chosen and feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, but they took on the responsibility for the betterment of the world. Training, fighting monsters, friendships, and quippy lines naturally ensued. And that’s just the tip of it.

Buffy and Ava would’ve been good friends if they were in the same universe. Warrior Nun is a good choice for any Buffy fan needing a similar vibe.

4. A Holy Dose Of Sass

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warrior Nun doesn’t shy away from solid writing and quippy one-liners.

In particular, Ava loves to dish out a one-liner or say whatever is on her mind. In the beginning, she ruffled feathers with the Order of the Cruciform Sword, but they’ve learned to go with the flow (for the most part).

Some of them, like Sister Mary and Mother Superion, even dish out their retorts.

The strong dialogue fleshes out the characters greatly, making each of the main characters feel like a well-developed person. Plus, the show features a great cast serving it across the board; none of them are wasting any of their dialogue or screen time.

5. The Strength Of Sisterhood

We don’t mean the vow or why the nuns joined the Order. The strength of their bonds together as a sisterhood is one of the strongest drivers for the series.

Even if they’re angry or distrustful of someone, they still put their love for one another and their calling above all else.

Warrior Nun showcases great unity between the team, making them feel like a family. There’s a genuine concern when they can’t locate Mary or Sister Lilith. They took Ava under their wing and trained her, even when protocol could’ve dictated them in a different direction.

This show does well if you’re a fan of strong, well-written female friendships and team dynamics.

6. Ava + Beatrice

If there’s one bond that stands above the rest, it’s the ‘ship of Ava and Beatrice.

Come on, the chemistry alone is enough!

Even when JC was a potential suitor, some lingering flirtation was hanging in the background. Ava and Beatrice’s relationship started as a tale as old as time: “protector-turned-friend-turned-BFF-turned-crush-turned-romance!” They’ve had some of the best pairing developments out of the main cast.

Warrior Nun Season 2 delivered on their light plot teasing. I won’t spoil too much, but you root for Beatrice to get her happy ending as the series continues.

7. Amazing Fight Choreography

Warrior Nun packs a powerful punch with its fight choreography. A lot is going on in this war, between hand-to-hand battles, sword fighting, and shootouts with guns. The sisters know how to fight, and they’re taking no prisoners.

Warrior Nun doesn’t hold back when getting bloody or enacting vengeance. If someone is going to die in battle, they’re going to die in a way that gives the death justice.

One of my favorites was an all-out bloody brawl when Mother Superion and Yasmine were led into a meeting trap. You couldn’t turn in any direction during the scene where something wasn’t happening, whether it was a fight or someone dying.

Most fight scenes follow this same vibe. Not all are as bloody or intense, but the structure and choreography are executed amazingly throughout each beat.

8. Special Effects Superstar

Pairing alongside the great fights is the stellar special effects.

Warrior Nun is a supernatural action TV series, so there are plenty of opportunities where a demon appears or abilities come into play. An effect can throw the whole tone off if it isn’t done well.

Thankfully, the special effects work well with the series and make the action more thrilling.

Between the smoky demons, Ava’s powers, and Lilith’s demonic transformation, the tv show makes the most of its special effects. It balances the supernatural element well with the action-oriented fights and plots.

9. Gorgeous Locations & Scenery

The sets and scenery on Warrior Nun are beautiful. There’s incredible attention to detail for making the locations feel historic or high-tech based on the plot.

I loved how scenes in older locations felt rich in history and expansive, while those in Jillian’s lab felt sleek, cold, and futuristic.

Warrior Nun balances the element of the past with a modern aesthetic. This theme finds its way across many areas, especially across the set locations.

And the non-studio filming locations give a great look at many international destinations if you’ve never visited them before. (A Europe trip is calling my name one day!)

10. More Stories To Tell

As mentioned above, Warrior Nun doesn’t feel ready to end.

Ava’s fate is up in the air, the Order of the Cruciform Sword is starting their next journey, and a religious war is on the horizon. The biggest fight is yet to come, so why end now?

Plus, in an ensemble TV show like this, many new developments and plots could come from the characters you’ll grow to love. We’re just scratching the surface of the adventures the sisters and their allies could be going into next.

Let’s do it!

11. Dedicated Fan Base

One of the best things about obsessing over a TV show is sharing that love with over like-minded fans.

Warrior Nun has a dedicated fan base fighting to keep the show alive (see above about the renewal goal). Look at all the artwork, memes, and conversations that have popped up online!

If you’re ready to join a new fandom, this one might be for you. And share your thoughts in the comments below about what you love about Warrior Nun to show others why they should watch it too.

Warrior Nun Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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