Ghosts Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Spies

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The Woodstone Manor bed and breakfast is open for business! And all hands were on deck to make it a successful launch.

The first guests’ arrival on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 1 taught Sam and Jay a big lesson about not pleasing everyone.

Plenty of shenanigans were afoot to get the must-have 5-star review. And in typical Ghosts fashion, the group got more than they bargained for.

Sam and Jay were only going to do the best they could on “Spies” based on the situation.

Debbie and Tom were criticizing everything about the Manor, from the food to the bed sheets to the lighting. Sure, a level of hospitality needs to be met for their guests, especially since everyone is creating this new business.

There is one other possibility. We spy on them! Not for our entertainment, but to help you guys. See what they’re really saying behind closed doors.


However, the roadblock Sam and Jay would’ve faced regardless was that Debbie and Tom weren’t sharing their feedback with them. How can they fix the issues if they don’t know of any problems?

If the ghosts have access to direct feedback, they should take advantage of it.

Listening in for them solved a lot of hurdles that kept coming up, which helped everyone overall. Plus, it was a great use of the ghosts’ time and abilities during a crucial moment for the business.

The big lesson from “Spies” came from Sam, Jay, and the ghosts learning that they can’t please everyone.

Pete hit it right on the money that Debbie and Tom weren’t going to be honest about their feedback. Trevor, Alberta, Pete, and Flower listening in helped put out some small fires, but it exposed the wave of notes that couldn’t be fixed.

They got the unfiltered truth when they heard everything: the good and the bad.

Sam: Pete says he saw them. He dealt with this all the time back when travel agents were still a thing.
Pete: Hurtful.

Sometimes it’s constructive criticism, and other times, it’s petty venting, like when they commented on Sam’s perfume. And “Spies” did an excellent job of showing Sam’s perfectionism getting out of hand and the complaints/demands escalating.

If the ghosts ever decide to listen in on guests in the future, they’ll have to determine what’s the most important thing to tackle. Same with Sam and Jay; they can’t fix everything, and they need to be happy with the experience that comes up.

I’m glad Woodstone Manor got its official 5-star review.

Since Ghosts Season 1, Jay and Sam have worked tirelessly to get the bed and breakfast off the ground. Also, the ghosts finally were won over to support the business and help Jay/Sam.

The Yelp review was a great culmination of all their hard work.

Welcome to the Woodstone B and B!


Though, the scene that took the cake was Jay defending Sam and calling out Debbie and Tom for their bad behavior. Jay was ready to say what needed to be said!

We love it whenever Jay goes for it and when Sam and Jay have romantic moments. They’ve got good chemistry as a couple, and it shows.

In the case of Isaac and Thorfinn, Isaac should’ve treated his friend better than he did.

New relationships have a bit of growing room, and Isaac didn’t want to ruin things with Nigel. However, Thorfinn has been his friend for centuries. They have a long-standing history that makes them almost family.

Jay: Oh my God, Pete?!
Pete: Jay? You can see me?! Gadzukes, Jay, say yes.
Jay: I don’t believe it.
Pete: I don’t either. Bring it in big fella!
[Jay passes through Pete’s ghost form]

Isaac should’ve worded the issues to Thorfinn in a better way.

His comments only made things worse, especially in that tone about blaming Thorfinn. It’s no wonder he moved into the basement with the Cholera ghosts.

Thorfinn is a big strong warrior, but he has a soft side. Isaac hurt his feelings in a big way.

The apology was pretty sweet, all things considered. We can thank the Spice Girls for making it happen. (What can’t they do!)

Isaac needed to be there for his friend, and if he wanted to make the relationship with Nigel work, he needed to be honest with him. They both had to respect Thorfinn’s position and his general fun-loving attitude.

At least Nigel and Thorfinn buried the hatchet and found common ground.

Watching ants move along a path isn’t my type of thing, but whatever works for them. A similar hobby is the first step toward a brand new friendship.

Last Thoughts From Woodstone Manor:

  • Sam and Jay fixed that termite hole quickly! They got the job done in barely any time before their next guests.
  • Debbie and Tom, not realizing their Yelp reviews were public, was the perfect dose of karma. If they want to dish out all the negative complaints, they must be brave enough to take it. Guess they weren’t.
  • Jay seeing ghosts would’ve been an obvious twist. I loved the fakeout of him believing the delivery driver was Pete. It was a touch of a gag that caught us off guard.
  • What else will Sam have the ghosts spy for her next?

Now, over to you, Ghosts fans!

What did you think of “Spies”?

Did you side with Isaac or Thorfinn in the fight? Will Woodstone Manor get more 5-star reviews? Should Debbie and Tom have just told Sam and Jay the truth?

If you missed the latest episode of Ghosts, you can watch Ghosts online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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