Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 12 Review: One Month Down and a Quarantine to Go

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It was the beginning stages of the pandemic for the couples, but you could barely tell.

The couples spent the majority of Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 12, reminiscing on how far they have come and celebrating their one-month anniversary.

It’s the most blissful all of the couples have been as they relived their wedding days and reexamined how they feel about one another and their futures.

Henry & Christina

Oddly, it took Christina looking back on their wedding day to notice how close and affectionate they were, and Henry was willing to be with her.

It raises an interesting question or rather confirms what some of us have speculated about Henry’s level of comfort with Christina dwindling as the process progressed.

For the most part, we didn’t spend much time with the couple and depending on how you feel about this couple, who have mostly been uncomfortable, it’s a good thing.

Henry spent some time with his friend, Kristin, and he sought her advice on how to proceed with his relationship. He shared with her the recent issues with Christina, particularly what she said about his lack of confidence.

Henry’s relationship with Kristin is bizarre, and every time they show her, viewers are wondering if she’s the one who has feelings for Henry. She’s almost territorial when it comes to him, and she was not a fan of Christina at the wedding.

Kristin was one of the most vocal of Henry’s gaggle of female friends who judged Christina before they even knew her. And it always felt a though it came from a place of jealousy or something.

Hell, maybe Kristin was picking up vibes, but she was someone who said she would not respect Henry’s marriage and didn’t consider it real.

Kristin’s advice to Henry, while heartfelt, also wasn’t coming from a place of someone who was rooting for the pair. She did remind him that he shouldn’t have to be with someone who wants him to change who he is.

And then, the conversation shifted to Christina’s behavior with production. The series has brought it up and showed footage of it way too many times for it to be a minor, exaggerated issue.

Christina had another one of her moments where she was frustrated with production during the dinner party they had at their apartment. It’s hardly surprising, but by now, it’s difficult to ignore the pattern and frequency or the effects it has on how Henry perceives her.

Meanwhile, Christina spent some time with her one friend from the housewarming party, and they discussed the lack of intimacy she has with Henry.

Christina is used to having sex with someone by now, and she’s not used to waiting for a guy to show interest. She also mentioned that there are plenty of men who wanted to marry her.

It’s a weird thing to say for someone who has signed up for this process. It reaffirms that Christina’s annoyance tends to be that Henry isn’t trying to jump her bones like other men, but she admitted she hasn’t attracted or dated the best guys, so what good is comparing Henry to them?

It seems she’s had that epiphany herself, but it’s hard to know if it matters in the end. Christina was amazed watching their tapes and seeing that they did kiss multiple times at their wedding.

They haven’t done that since, and fresh off of reliving the two of them at their best, Christina told him that she would stop comparing him to her exes. Of course, it came with a few comments and jabs thrown in.

It was an uneventful installment for the pair, and it seemed as though they were fine, but by now, it feels like we’re biding time until they choose not to be with each other.

Henry isn’t who Christina wants, and Christina is someone Henry isn’t attracted to, and she doesn’t make him feel good about himself. They’re in the friendzone; hell, they feel more like two work friends who are cordial to each other but never see one another outside of the job getting stuck in a house together.

Brett & Olivia

What the hell happened with these two? Olivia has expressed that Brett is two different people.

She arranged for them to have a meeting with Pastor Cal, and she shared that Brett behaves differently in front of the camera than off.

Ironically, after a glimpse of the house camera footage (rather than the cameramen videoing them), they both seem like totally different people when they forget they’re on TV.

Up until this point, Olivia has behaved as if she’s not affectionate and annoyed by everything Brett does, but in the footage, the two of them were playfully kissing and snuggling.

It was quite a shock considering they’ve had zero physical chemistry during this entire process.

Pastor Cal tried to dig into Olivia’s trust issues. She didn’t believe anything Brett said or did, whether he was sarcastic or genuine. Their disputes were a reflection of those problems.

And Brett admitted that he is cognizant of the cameras at times; it’s impossible not to be. But he was reminded about how often he resorts to humor and sarcasm.

It was a decent session for the pair, and they seemed to be in a nice place afterward. They enjoyed themselves watching their wedding, and Olivia seemed lighter and more hopeful than she’s been for some time.

They’re still one of the most confounding couples of the season. I don’t know what to believe or think about them anymore.

Miles & Karen

Some of the best moments of the season are when Woody and Amani, and Miles and Karen hang out with one another. They all have such an easy camaraderie that feels as though they’ve been friends for years.

And then they suck you into it, and you feel as though you’ve been their friends for years. What also makes those moments some of the best is the effect it has on Karen.

She’s at her most laidback and fun when she’s interacting with the other couple, and it feels as though we see the real Karen and not the reserved bordering on uptight woman who is closed off from Miles.

Miles joked with the other couple that he doesn’t always know how Karen feels about him or if she’s attracted to him, but there was truth behind those jokes.

It could’ve led to an argument or something between the two, but when they went over their wedding vows later and talked with one another, you could tell there was some progress made.

Did anyone else smile when Miles had his hand resting on her leg? It seems like nothing to most people, but for them, it was a huge deal.

Woody & Amani

Woody and Amani have been smooth-sailing through most of this experience. On the one hand, they’re an enjoyable couple with the personalities to lead a spinoff of their own.

On the other hand, they haven’t hit any bumps in their relationship, and when things did arise, they pushed them away into unresolved land. It leaves the viewers holding their breaths, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Their bickering about getting a dog was endearing, and Woody and Amani barely addressed their potential budget issues.

Woody likes to spend money on clothes and other things, and Amani has her reservations about that. However, you’d have thought the conversation didn’t happen when Woody went and bought her diamond earrings for their one-month anniversary.

Amani made him a nice dinner, and they spent quality time together. Things like that can be serious issues for a couple if they don’t discuss them and get on the same page.

Bennett & Amelia

Bennett and Amelia have the weirdest, coolest, and the most genuine batch of family and friends imaginable. It’s something about these oddballs that endear you to them.

Bennett and his sister probably had a fascinating life growing up, and you can tell when they talk to each other. But there were some more concerns about Amelia relocating and Bennett giving up so much for someone who may not feel the same as him.

And Amelia’s friend, who was vibing so hard with Amelia it made you wonder if they were exes, was right there to encourage Amelia to lay her heart out there and give Bennett a beautiful present for their anniversary.

Bennett, who looked every bit like a camp counselor, coming into the apartment with a random blender — that wasn’t even in a box — was one of the funniest moments of the installment. Amelia was thrilled to have a blender.

But it was the sweetest when Amelia sang Bennett a song she wrote for him. They’re such a precious pair.

It was also heartwarming when Bennett took her for a walk and told her that he loved her. She feels the same about him, so they’re on the same track.

In fact, they’re the only couple who has told each other that they love one another. Woody told Amani, but she’s still holding out.

She isn’t in love with him yet, but they’re on the path toward it.

Overall, the season has struggled with pacing and editing. The installment dragged on for two hours, and there was little substance to support it.

Then the promos tease us with the juicy drama we’ve been craving, and whether or not they deliver on it is a whole other story.

Over to you, MAFS Fanatics.

What did you think of the anniversary celebrations? Are you happy Bennett confessed his feelings to Amelia? Hit the comments.

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