Calling All Women: “Love Your Own Power” by Eileen Shapiro

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Natalie Jean is an amazing artist … and woman. Her striking beauty might distract people from fully taking in her intelligence and talent. Happily, this native of Kensington, Maryland travels around the world sharing her gift for writing and performing captivating songs.

The prolific artist has been nominated over 90 times for her music and has won many awards. Most recently, she won the Gold Medal in the 2019 Global Music Awards as Singer/Songwriter for her song “You Don’t Know Me”.  The plain fact is, she has way too many awards to share with you here.  Her Gold Medal as singer/songwriter for “You Don’t Know Me!!” is only the most recent.

What triggered this particular interview is an exciting new song she released on Sept. 24 called “LOVE YOUR OWN POWER”, written with lyricist, Mike Greenly.

I’ve known and admired Mike for years and have written about him several times.  Now that he’s partnered with Natalie Jean – and having enjoyed her performances thanks to YouTube – I knew it was time to finally chat with the star, herself!

So, Natalie – Hi!  You’ve won so many awards and have so many new nominations right now, it seems that you were “meant” to do what you do. When did you first start singing?  And when did you write your first song?

I wrote my first song nine years ago. I used to write a lot of poetry and decided to convert them into songs.

What do you most enjoy about being a song writer?

I love thinking about how can affect the listener in a positive way.

And what do you most enjoy about being a performer?

I love being able to bring joy to an audience … to make someone feel!

What’s the greatest challenge in doing what you do?

Not being scammed by people in the music industry. There are so many who want to take advantage of artists. So, I definitely have to do my due diligence.

You live in Maryland and Mike Greenly lives in New York City. How did you two meet?

Mike and I both participate in the Indie Collaborative, a networking group of musicians and music industry pro’s. It was founded by Grant Maloy Smith, a Billboard Top 10 American Roots songwriter and performer, and by Eileen Sherman, creator of award-winning books, plays and music.

They meet in cities around the country and Mike and I both attend the New York City events. I’m from Haiti originally and shortly after he learned that about me, he introduced himself and started practicing a bit of his French. We’ve enjoyed and admired each other’s work ever since.

And how did “Love Your Own Power” come about.

Well, I know Mike’s story and am aware that he was bullied and ostracized as a child for being a “Jew Boy” in his small South Carolina hometown – swastikas carved into his locker at school, and so on. That experience made him sensitive to and supportive of Equality for All. Mike had heard me perform and one day he approached me about doing a song together that championed equal rights for women. That was a no-brainer and I instantly said “Yes!”  Not too long thereafter, he sent me lyrics for our song.

What is your own experience as a women – in fact, as a black woman – about equality?

As a black woman, I have had experiences where people have shown their racism towards me. Whether walking into a store or being verbally abused on social media platforms, where I have been called “the victim” or the “n” word.)

What are your hopes for “Love Your Own Power”?  What kind of impact would you like it to have?

I would like for the song to inspire everyone around the world. I want people to understand how powerful women really are. I think this message is extremely important for all the girls growing up today.

How can people book you for engagements?

They contact me through my website:

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