‘Joker’: LAPD Says “No Credible Threats”; Exhibitors Remain Vigilant As Theatrical Release Nears

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In the wake of several mass shootings in Gilroy, CA; Dayton, OH, and El Paso, Texas, there’s plenty of concern surrounding the opening of Warner Bros.’ The Joker on Oct.  4, particularly as it’s poised to bring in a record amount of moviegoers for an October release.

Some sources in distribution and exhibition believe these fears are over-heightened, especially with the LAPD issuing a statement tonight that they don’t see any credible threats in the Los Angeles area from the pic’s opening. Industry sources also tell us that the FBI and Homeland Security do not foresee any looming threats currently for the Todd Phillips-directed DC origin movie about the crazed Batman villain

Said the LAPD tonight in a statement received by Deadline, “The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of public concerns and the historical significance associated with the premiere of the Joker.  While there are no credible threats in the Los Angeles area, the Department will maintain high visibility around movie theaters when it opens.  We encourage everyone to go out and enjoy all of the weekend leisure activities this city has to offer however,  Angelenos should remain vigilant and always be aware of your surroundings.  As always if you see something, say something.”

We also hear that the National Association of Theatre Owners also hasn’t been alerted by the FBI or other law enforcement of any threats surrounding Joker. If such intel was received, NATO would pass any relevant information along to their members so that they can make their own security decisions.

However, two days ago, Stars & Stripes published a report that an Army Criminal Investigation Command memo was issued Monday and put commanders at Fort Sill, OK, ., on notice about an intelligence bulletin that read a Texas law enforcement agency working with the FBI had discovered “disturbing and very specific chatter in the dark web” regarding the the potential targeting of an unknown theater for a mass shooting during the weekend of Joker‘s release.

That said, exhibition isn’t being irresponsible, and exhibitors do not detail their specific security plans to the press.  Warner Bros. has had the unfortunate and horrible experience of having gone through a mass shooting tragedy with The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting. They know what type of film they have on their hands with Joker. Movie theaters in certain neighborhoods are very aware of the type of film they’re booking, and that masses descend upon their theaters. Security sources have informed Deadline that security always gets beefed up at high-volume theaters during any big box office weekend, especially around the holidays. It doesn’t take a Joker movie to simply put everyone on high-alert. Note that Dark Knight Rises previews began at midnight, which was when the tragedy occurred, and since then with the exception of Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home recently, major studios have largely eliminated opening their films at midnight Thursday into Friday. Joker will begin its previews Oct. 3 at 4PM.

During Star Wars: The Force Awakens, security was increased in downton LA multiplexes from 3-4 guards to 9-12 on average per sources at the time. Expect that type of responsibility here with Joker. In regards to whether Warners foots the bill for extra security or not, that’s always on an exhibitor by exhibitor case basis. For Straight Outta Compton, Universal said they were “partnering” with movie theaters that requested support during screenings of the NWA biopic. Specific details were scant at the time, but it wasn’t a straight matter of the studio outright reimbursing theaters for any costs associated with heightened security, rather the studio sharing some of the costs.

AMC theaters issued a statement yesterday assuring their customers that they plan to be vigilant and enforce their costume policy which forbids masks, face paint or any object that conceals the face.

Said the No. theater chain in a statement, “The safety of our guests and associates is AMC’s top priority. Working with law enforcement, AMC has a number of safety and security protocols in place at all of its theatres. To help ensure that safety, we do not discuss specifics. Because we’re also getting calls about our costume policy, I want to make sure it’s clear that this is AMC’s standard costume policy, which has been in place for several years and applies to all movies at all times: Guests are welcome to come dressed in costume, but we do not permit masks, face paint or any object that conceals the face. AMC does not permit weapons or items that would make other guests feel uncomfortable or detract from the movie-going experience.”

Landmark is banning toy weapons and masks, while Regal, like AMC, says it’s in contact with law enforcement and do not comment on their security protocol.

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