Megan Fox Was Objectified So Much She Now Says She Had A ‘Genuine Breakdown’

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When Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie hit theaters, a new name sprung onto the Hollywood scene: Megan Fox. At 21 years old, the actress revved up engines with her bedazzling beauty and swiftly became a sex symbol of the action franchise. Looking back on her grand entrance to the public sphere, Fox admits it brought about some dark times.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of cult-horror flick Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox and writer Diablo Cody reflected on the release, which flopped and was demonized at the time. Having top billing in a movie such as Jennifer’s Body that ultimately bombed may have hit other actors hard, but Fox said that her relationship with the public was so charged at the time, “it was just part of the mix.” In her words:

It couldn’t have been easy to be objectifyed and sexualized as constantly as Megan Fox was at the time. She was a young talent entering the public eye with a lot more conversations circling around her appearances than any of her other attributes to the industry. She continued to ET with the following:

In hindsight, she considers her breakout period a personal low point in her career. When she was able to move away from the Transformers franchise and start a family with husband Brian Austin Green, she gained perspective and has since moved on to projects such as New Girl and her recent documentary series Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox.

10 years later, Jennifer’s Body has been embraced by a new wave of fans who celebrate its attention to sexual harassment and sexual objectification. It sounds like a re-watch is in order!

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